11 Fabulous Ways to Use Purple in Your Home

The color purple signifies royalty since the ancient times. There are so many shades of the color purple which is why you can incorporate it in your home in so many different ways. From orchid to auberjine, the choices are pretty much endless. So if you’re looking for ways to decorate your home using purple then I advise you to read on as I highlight simple ways to help you do just that.


Dark purples

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Deep purples signify peace and serenity. Therefore, you should use it throughout the décor of your home, especially in the entryway of your home so that guests can feel that prosperity once they step inside your house.

Start gradually

If you’re thinking about low commitment ways to incorporate purple in your home then start the transition slowly with few decoration piece to begin with. You can use purple throw pillows, flowers, frames or artwork to see if you like its presence in your home. If you do, then you can bring in big purple pieces of furniture in your space. It’s typically a good idea to use deep or dark purples as accent colors because they’re pretty bold to be used generously. Whereas, lighter shades of purple with grey undertones can be used repeatedly in your home.

Children love purple

Purple can be found very excessively used in children’s toys. That’s because it has been found out that children love purple. Using purple in little girls’ rooms along with lilac and orchid works pretty well. However, for boys you can use dark purples with other darker colors. It is believed that incorporating purple in a child’s room can enhance his imagination, making him creative and intuitive.

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Home office

Decorating your home office with purple can bring about sophistication and resourcefulness to your space. Purple is typically associated with valor, grandeur and virtue. You can incorporate purple in your home office by picking out purple colored accessories like office supplies and furniture.

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Pair with purple

No matter which shade of purple you choose there is always going to be a color that’d go perfectly with it. If you choose darker shades of purple then pair it with lighter colors to avoid the clash of patterns.

Healing powers

The color purple brings about a sense of prosperity and serenity that people who deal with stress can use. It is famous for helping people deal with anxiety and relieve their tension. For example the color lavender is absolutely soothing. This best works when the color is in the form of light. To achieve this, buy a purple crystal and place it on a window. This way when the sunlight makes way into your room, it’ll form purple rainbows on the walls. You’ll find this very calming, indeed.

Purple flowers

Perhaps, one of the best ways to incorporate purple in your home is to look into your backyard for inspiration. I’m pretty sure you’ll find some beautiful purple flowers. The next step is to bring the outdoors in. Adding purple flowers in your home will not only bring about a peaceful and refreshing aura but also make your home smell really good and fresh.

Accent walls

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If you seem to think that painting all four walls purple can be very daring or you don’t have the budget to repaint all four walls then think about painting one accent wall.

Purple rugs

Using a purple rug in your home can make your space seem inviting, cozy and warm. Rugs can also be used to cover up cracks in your hardwood floor or stains in your carpet. So a purple rug can really come in handy. It can also help you save space if used correctly.

Kitchen or dining space

Typically, people go for white for their kitchen but, if you think, white is too plain for your taste then you can go with purple. While eggplant purple may be too dark to be used in a kitchen or dining space, you can always go for lighter shades of purple like lavender or lilac for kitchen.

Purple bedding

If you’re looking to incorporate purple in your bedroom then you can use purple bedding for this matter. A great tip for using purple in your bedroom is to go with plain white sheets and pair them with a bold purple comforter and deep purple pillows. For the walls, choose floral wallpaper that incorporates purple into your room in a very subtle manner. For the drapes, repeat the bold shade of purple that you used in your bedding. This will give your room a perfect combination of deep purple and light purple.

Author Bio: This article was written by Rida Maqbool. She loves interior designing, home décor and art & craft.  She works at PakWholesaleRugs.com

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