3 Factors to Consider When Choosing Canvas Printing

Canvas printing is probably the best option to turn your wedding, holiday, graduation, and family pictures into a piece of art. Recently, it has gained massive popularity and has created a buzz everywhere, mainly due to its practicality and beauty. Today, many people have started to prefer canvas printing over traditional paper prints for a number of reasons and showcasing images artistically is definitely one of them.

canvas-printing-factors-considerMoreover, interior designers and editors have been raving about choosing canvas printing to renovate your place. The trend of canvases seems to be here to slay. However, to get the most out of canvases, you need to consider a lot of little things. To find out what are we talking about, be sure to check out this article till the end!

The Quality of Image

It all starts with great image quality! Getting a great quality print highly depends on what is the quality of the image you’ve selected. Maximum digital print companies use the latest methods and techniques in restoring images and enhancing them possibly in the best way. Despite all the latest techniques and efforts, adjusting a low-quality image for a good quality canvas becomes very challenging for printing companies. Therefore, if you want maximum results, then you need to choose an image with the best quality and high pixel count. The higher the pixels, the better the image will appear on the canvas.

Canvas Size and Location

For many homeowners, the biggest confusion is to select the right size of the canvas for their home décor project. It becomes even harder to choose photos and designs for canvases. The standard canvas sizes are 20×40”, 24×24”, 24×36”, 16×16”, 20×16”, and 18X24”. Choosing the best canvas sizes and location is very significant. However, selecting the right size depends on the location and how much space is available on a specific wall. Picking up a too large canvas print for your smaller wall and vice versa will not allow you to achieve the look you want for your home décor project. With that being said, have a little knowledge about the sizes and figure out which one will be best suited for your project.

Consider the Focus of the Photo

The subject in every photograph is the focus of any image, right? So it should stay in the focus when blown up on the canvas. If you want the subject of the image to be in sharp focus, then you need to select the image accordingly. For example, you might have noticed that some images look very attractive and worth printing, but once they are printed, they don’t look good at all. Same goes with canvas printing as well. When choosing an image, consider how will that out of focus area of your photo appear when blown up on the canvas. Images that look fine on your computer screens might not eye-catching when rendered on a large print. Therefore, put the subject of your image and how it will show on canvas under consideration.

Erin Emanuel