What Factors Make AC Repair Necessary?

Air Conditioning units are used on a very frequent daily basis in our homes.  We use them to provide cooling comfort when the outside temperatures get too warm.  Air conditioning is especially important in the summer months, as the temperatures can spike to nearly unbearable numbers.  When you suspect your air conditioning unit of not working properly, it can become a great inconvenience.  It is important to assess the problems and contact a repair professional if you feel your air conditioning unit might be in need of some repairs.  Here are some signs that your air conditioning unit might not be functioning properly, notifying you that it is time to contact a professional.  Taking care of some these issues on the forefront and prevent possible bigger issues from happening, thus saving you time, money, and the inconvenience of dealing with the heat from summer months without any air conditioning.


Image Credit:  KOMUnews

Image Credit: KOMU news

Perhaps the most common way of identifying that your air conditioning unit is not working properly is when you notice issues related to the temperature in your home.  If you notice that your air conditioning unit is not producing any cold air, although it is running, or that the air flow is seemingly mild or less cool than usual, it might be time for repairs.  Also, if you notice that a specific room or area of the house is more difficult to keep cool than before, this could also be a problem.  Another indication is that the system is running constantly while not producing cold air, barely running, or that the system is of course not running at all.  If your air conditioning system is running constantly or for longer periods of time, this could be a sign that the system is having difficulty obtaining a certain temperature, due to a failure in the system itself.

Other problems or signs that could indicate that your air conditioning system could be unrelated to temperature.  One major sign that the system is not functioning properly is an increase in the amount of your monthly electric bill.  It is natural that your monthly bill would be more costly in the summer months, when you use your air conditioning unit the most.  However, if you notice that your monthly bills continue to increase over the months, especially with no change to the amount in which you are using your unit, this could indicate repairs as well.  This would mean that your unit is overextending itself and not producing the desired effect.  Other signs that your unit is in need of repair could include strange or loud noises coming from your system, water leaking form the system, dust accumulating in your home, or the system triggering a loss of power in your home as it turns on or off.

These issues could be easy and quick repairs, or they could be costly, depending on the symptoms your unit is exhibiting.  It is important to contact a professional to repair the issues in your air conditioning unit in a timely manner, after you have assessed the situation and determined that your unit is indeed requiring repairs.

Author Bio: Joshua Bostick is a writer, usually he writes a lot of informative articles about HVAC industry. He written this article for his friend Charles, who works as a consultant in Advent Air Conditioning.

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  1. An easy way to reduce AC repair calls is to clean your air filters regularly and have an annual AC tune-up or maintenance. With regular maintenance, your air conditioner will function at the peak of efficiency, which means it will also require fewer AC repair service calls.

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