Important Factors that Determine Asphalt Paving Cost

There are a variety of integers that apply to the asphalt paving cost that one can expect to encumber when considering any sort of paving options. Regardless of your project, if you take the time to understand the associated costs, variables and underlying elements that go into the actual asphalt paving cost, you can better assess what your next project might run you. Of course, it goes without saying that the surest solution involves requesting a quote from a vetted service provider to know what your actual cost will be.


Climate and Region

The climate of the region in which you live will always play a factor. This is for several reasons. For one, the climate of certain regions requires a thicker pave and a thicker and deeper sub base for the asphalt to sit properly. Furthermore, certain regions can cause more contractions in the cured pavement, which requires more intrinsic laying and drying methods to counter. Always be sure to factor in your region and the weather when considering asphalt paving cost.

Ground Preparation

The ground will also play a role. The machinery that’s used for asphalt paving is considered heavy machinery. The service provider that is paving your lot, will either rent or lease that equipment or own it outright. They must factor in the labor of operating such equipment in addition to the maintenance and wear and tear when considering the cost of your paving project.

Gravel Base and Sub Base Size

This can and does vary between the region and the slope and medium in which you desire paved. Since this aspect can vary so greatly, it’s really on a per project basis here. Generally speaking, however, a gravel base size and sub base size will greatly dictate your overall asphalt paving cost.

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Area of Paving and Levelness
The size of the area you intend to be paved and whether or not it slopes as well as its overall levelness will play a factor in the end cost as well. For example, a naturally flat surface may cost less to pave than one that slopes, rises, falls and dips and turns in odd manners. A parking lot that is flat and generally level will be usually more cost effective to pave than a parking lot that dips to catch rainwater in a concrete wash that prevents flooding. As you can see, there are numerous, veritable factors that postulate what the overall asphalt paving cost will be. Your best bet is to request quotes from multiple providers to gain better insight on your projected project costs.

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  1. Thanks for helping me understand that the climate in the region that we are living in affects the effectiveness of asphalt for our driveway. As you mentioned, there are places where it will take time to install this while some are quick. With that in mind, I guess we would really have to hire professionals because the area that we are living in gets a lot of rain most of the time. This means that the ground is always damp, so experts should handle it.

  2. It’s good to know that the climate of the area can affect the cost of paving. My driveway needs to be replaced, and I really appreciate your help in figuring out how much to budget for. You’re right that the ground preparation will play a role, as well, and I’ll be sure to talk to the services in my area about the cost of removing the old driveway for the new one.

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