Beyond the Putting Green: 6 Reasons to Use Fake Grass in Your Front Yard

An increasing number of people are starting to use fake grass in their personal yards. This attractive and durable material isn’t just for the football stadium and putting green anymore. There are numerous benefits to utilizing this resource in your own yard, and you may just find that it’s the right choice for your family.

Fake Grass


No More Watering

Grass is nearly impossible to maintain in a dry climate, but it’s not a concern if you have fake turf. Even in areas that regularly see rainfall, people still enjoy the convenience of having a beautiful green yard without having to pull out the water hose. Those who like having a low-maintenance yard will enjoy this option as it comes with zero responsibility.

Eliminate Fertilizers, Weeds and Hassle

Weeds cannot grow in artificial grass, and there’s no need to spend time fertilizing the yard. You can say goodbye to Saturday afternoons spent battling weeds and bare spots. Your lawn will look incredible throughout the year, and you’ll have very little maintenance to worry about. This is a great option for families who don’t have a lawn mower—this grass won’t grow, so no need to worry about cutting it.

Save Money and Time on Maintenance

Have you stopped to consider how much money you spend on lawnmower maintenance and the gas to run it? Consider the amount of time you spend trimming down the weeds along the foundation, cutting the grass and performing other basic maintenance. With an artificial lawn, you can save both money and time. If you don’t do your own yardwork, you might be paying big bucks for a landscaping company to take care of the yard. Rather than spending your free moments working on the lawn, you can sit back and enjoy it.

It Looks Real

Artificial grass has come a long way in previous years. There are several different varieties to choose from, so you can find the right one for your home. The best part of fake turf, however, is the fact that it looks and feels real. You don’t have to worry about it being rough under your feet or hurting your dog’s paws. You might think that getting fake grass will be extremely noticeable by friends and neighbors. Yes, people will notice how green and lush the grass looks, but many people won’t even be able to tell it is fake.

It Works in Any Setting

Do you have areas of your grass that just won’t grow? You don’t have to worry about this anymore with a fake lawn. It looks just as attractive in the shade as it does in the sun. There’s no worry about brown spots from lack of water, and you won’t have bare spots on the shady side of the fence. No matter what climate you live in, your yard will have a beautiful green glow year round.

You Can Humanely Keep Critters Away

If you live in an area that has a high concentration of rodents or wildlife, you might often find little critters getting into your yard or garden. According to professionals of Pest Detective who specialize in pest control in Vancouver, the beauty of artificial grass is that animals will be deterred from your yard since they can’t eat it. Little woodland creatures and even bigger animals like deer don’t go into yards where they can’t find anything to eat. This way, you won’t have to set traps or hurt the wildlife—they just won’t come into your yard.

More and more people are turning to artificial grass to enjoy the many benefits along with a maintenance-free lifestyle. It allows them to achieve a beautiful shade of green without weeding or watering. Appropriate for use in any region, it ensures you’ll have a green yard throughout the year.

Erin Emanuel