Understanding the 4 Key Fastener Tools

There are tons of fastener tools hands-on businesses need to keep stocked at all times. Keeping track and having a working knowledge can be tough, but understanding and recognizing them on a day-to-day basis can be even worse.

Even less hands-on businesses can find uses for such items by simply keeping their offices clean and put together. This is knowledge you can take home with you, allowing you to do household chores more simply, like hanging frames on the wall.

fastener tools

If you’re working for a business that requires such knowledge or you just want to get educated about something new, the only way to truly get the hang of it is to either read up on the tools or wait until enough time has passed that you’ve gained experience with each of them.

Here are a four of the most popular faster tools with explanations as to how they work.

1. Washers

A washer is simple really, one of the easier tools to understand. Imagine a rubber ring that spreads pressure when tightened and you’ve got a washer. It can also be used as a seal in tight situations.

2. Shoulder Screws

Screws are simple and well known. Shoulder screws are not, despite their own relative simplicity. Shoulder screws are machine screws with a shoulder between the head and the thread. They come in handy oftentimes, used extensively for their renowned versatility.

3. Wall Anchor

You may already be aware of this item. It’s a common household tool, used to procure decorations on walls. If you’ve got picture frames littering your walls, you’ve probably become pretty friendly with this tool.

A wall anchor is a way to hang things, often used for frames. It’s a relatively simple task– drill a hole in the wall and put the anchor in. It will expand on the opposite side when you screw it in to keep things in place and sturdy.

4. Speed Nuts

It seems like there are a million different types of nuts and bolts in the wide world of tools. Speed nuts are a relatively popular type, used in a versatile manner.

A speed nut is basically a type of locknut that works as both a lock washer and a nut. It has two metal prongs that act as one thread. You may know it by a different name, such as sheet metal nut. Whatever it’s called, it’s a great fastener.

Now that you’ve got a more extensive knowledge on these kinds of tools, your business etiquette may improve. Not only that, but it can help you take care of things around the house, becoming a bit handier. Everyone can benefit by learning how to do some simple things without outside help.

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