Fiberglass pools- issues and tissues

Fiberglass pools are being purchased this minute and why shouldn’t they be purchased? It needs the least amount of maintenance, the installation is very quick, and the repairing or the maintenance of the pool does not make holes in your pocket.

An intensive knowledge of the study of the Fiberglass pools has brought forth the problems regarding the pool but it is not without a solution.

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

Problem #1: Repairing on a painted fiberglass pool
It is an undeniable fact that painted fiberglass pools make our pool look gorgeous. The only problem with painted fiberglass is that when a repair has to be done on your fiberglass pool, the color provided by the company and the color being applied rarely matches.

If you are really concerned about the color of your pool and it has to look impeccably perfect for you, a solid surface finish is just what you need. Research the various fiberglass pool suppliers in your area to inquire whether their painted finish is a solid surface or multi-layered.

Problem #2: spider cracks in the gel coating
Spider cracks are usually formed from the center of the pool and gradually spreads like a fire in a forest. It is a type of hairline cracks that occurs in the gel coating of the pool. Spider cracks on gel coatings are usually a result of weight to the point of a pool’s casing that surpasses the gel’s ability to bend.

Search for a manufacturer that creates level pools and a reputed contractor who will execute a correct installation. Always consult your neighbors or friends about the manufacturer and the contractor you’re hiring, just to be sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

Problem #3:  protuberant or bulging pool walls
If you have visited enough fiberglass pools and have seen them with carefully, you will notice that some of them have a bulging figure to it.  It is a major problem for most people who have sand backfills in their pools which develop into a liquefied material with the mix of sand and water which gradually becomes heavier than the water causing it walls to expand and give out the image of a bulged pool.

The only solution to this problem is installing gravel back fills in your pools which won’t have any adverse impact on your pool whatsoever. The gravels are usually stable material and your walls are sure to be intact with it.

Problem #4: Fading color of the fiberglass pool finish
It is only obvious that a chemical in water does kill the germs present in it, but we don’t comprehend what is happening in our pool when the color of the pool starts to diminish. If you are facing this problem after you’ve been using the pool for five years or so, call up other pool owners about feedbacks on what they did and what they are doing.

Problem #5: Leakage because of plumbing settling
As discussed before, when sand collects itself or mixes it with water, it will put more pressure on the wall causing it to bulge. The same weight is thrown upon the plumbing that has been done. When the sand settles on the plumbing for a certain period of time, it will only cause more weight on the pipes leading to the plumbing problem. The only alternative is as we’ve discussed is by using gravel backfills.

When all is said and done, we will be able to ensure the longer lifespan of our pools with proper maintenance and the right installation methods.

Erin Emanuel