How to Find A Good Cleaning Company

Finding a commercial cleaning company is not a hard job. However, hiring a good commercial cleaning company that is high quality, reliable and reasonable priced won’t be an easy task. Here are some tips that would help you to identify if you are in great hands.


Check the References

Yes, old fashion way still works. By picking up your phone and call the companies who have hired them before is the most effective way to find out how good they were. However, in nowadays everything could be made up, their references might be a friend of theirs pretend to be a manager of some company and going to say a lot of great words to you and make you believe they are doing a good job even they are not. How to avoid that? It’s easy, the solution is when you calling the reference, don’t call the number they gave you. Put the reference’s company name in Google, and find out their website, and call their business land line and ask to speak to the reference person. In that way, it’s nearly impossible to fake a reference.

Ask for Free Trial Service

Many great cleaning companies provide a free trial service. Like Eco Commercial Cleaning in Brisbane, they provide a totally free service for maximum of 2 hours. When you call their booking centre, the operator actually offers the free trial service on the greetings. You book a time, the cleaners will come and give your office a really good clean and they just left. Yes, they won’t even ask one question they just leave all the decision power totally to you. You like them; you will definitely call them again and arrange a regular cleaning. If you don’t like their service they don’t want to push or beg you to hire them. I think a good office cleaning company should have this kind of confident. As they know you don’t have time to mark around, you need to find a stable and high quality cleaning company, and here they are to show you what they have got. However, be careful when you acquiring free trial service, many companies provide free trial service, but on a condition. For example you have to decide to hire them before you can have the free trial. Just ask them if their free trial service got any condition attached to it.

Cleaning Plan

After you had a few quotes from a few different companies, you have checked their references; their prices are on the same level. Now, which company you should go ahead with? Ask one simple question, let them provide and explain the cleaning plan. A good cleaning company should have their cleaning plan ready when they give you the price, because different plan of cleaning can and will effect cleaning time entirely.

We once had a cleaning company quote twice as expensive as the other one. We were trying to find out how come the price was so different. So we asked them to provide the cleaning plan, and found out two companies are charging a similar hourly rate, however, the lower priced company planed the cleaning process very carefully and smartly, and they have maximized their work efficiency, so that saved them nearly 50% of the time, so they their pricing became so competitive but still has a healthy profit margin in it.

With the above insider tips, you now can find or identify whether a cleaning company is good or bad much more easily. It’s never too late to change your current contractor who can give you a health and affordable working environment.

Erin Emanuel