The Lazy Home Hunter’s Way to Find A House in Barcelona

Looking for a new home in Barcelona? Good choice! There are many reasons why Barcelona can be considered one of the top cities in Europe for those looking for a new place to call home. From the vibrant Catalan culture to the beautiful architecture, sunny beaches and fair weather, the Catalan capital is a prime location for foreign home hunters.

barcelona home buyers guideWith this in mind, one could assume that finding a house in Barcelona is hard, especially with the high demand and unpredictable prices in European property markets. However, finding a house to rent or buy in this city can be easy, just follow these tips:


Choosing the Right House to Rent in Barcelona

There are all kinds of property available for newcomers to rent in Barcelona. You can find affordable apartments and studios in the center of Barcelona or beachside rentals in Barceloneta. You can also go further away from the city center and rent a bigger family home.

Those looking for a temporary home are better off with a fully furnished apartment in the city. There can be a lot of red tapes about negotiating contracts and customizing property in the city. We advise you to use an online booking platform to rent a house in Barcelona to escape the bureaucracies, especially if it’s your first time here.

Know Your Tenancy Rights

Now that you have your perfect home in Barcelona, booked it online and possibly on your way to the city, you need to understand the laws relevant to your tenancy. As with many other cities in Spain, Barcelona has comprehensive rental regulations safeguarding tenants and landlords in the city. Evictions are quite rare in the city unless under extreme circumstances.

Make sure you give sufficient notice (mostly two months) to your landlord should you want to move out of the property before the end of the agreed period. Most short-term leases in Barcelona last three months but this can be extended or cut short based on the agreement with the landlord when you move in.

In case you need to move out before the end of your tenancy period, you may be required to pay for the rest of the time unless you had made sufficient notice. The laws do, however, give the tenant rights to extend their contract when they need to do so.

The Cost of Renting in Barcelona

Be prepared to pay a deposit when renting property in Barcelona. Deposits are usually paid before moving in for most contracts lasting more than a month. Most landlords will not ask for any advance payments apart from the deposit and monthly rental fees. Utilities and other charges are not part of the rent or deposit in Barcelona; you must include them in your expenditures when budgeting for your stay.


The rental property market in Barcelona is quite competitive and can be quite volatile in terms of pricing. Make sure you book your house online early before you move in.

Erin Emanuel