The Finest Architectural Features at Home

Even the simplest homes can benefit from a few well-chosen architectural features that bring a touch of luxury and beauty to your surroundings. No idea where to start? A few tips about staircase design, lighting fixtures or decorative coving can get you on the right path to giving a gorgeous renovation to your home.

Staircase Design

You don’t necessarily have to have a sweeping antebellum double staircase to make a statement. With some decorative changes, you can turn it into a real showpiece, especially if your staircase is centrally located and visible from various points in the house.

Speciality Stairs

The big decor component for a staircase is usually the banister and railings. Whether you chose a rustic look of carved wood, or the fluid design of elaborate wrought iron, or something completely different, you will create an artistic display that is beautiful as well as functional.

For added punch, you can add more to your staircase than just the structural components too. Strip off the carpeting to expose some gleaming hardwood, or add a bold runner for a pop of color.

Lighting Fixtures

Lamps and their fixtures do a lot more than just help light up your living space. Design options are absolutely endless, ranging from classic stained glass shades to modern pieces of metal that look more like sculptures than lamps. If we’re going to stick to a conversation about architectural features, then that’s wired-in light fixtures rather than table lamps.


Bold chandeliers with multiple lights can be a center piece for the entire room, with the added bonus of not taking up any floor space. Glass shades with beveled inserts will break up the light and make the entire area sparkle.

Decorative Coving

Coving can be the unsung hero of decor that adds subtle artistry without being too overt about it. It’s the small touches around the baseboard, window trims and doorways that make an elegant finish. Wooden borders with fine scrollwork will suit just about any theme and installing coving is something even a novice handy-man can do on their own. It’s a great way to add something attractive when you don’t have the budget for major renovations.

Kitchen herb garden with lemon balm, sage, parsley and thyme potted in decorative canisters and mugs

A Fireplace

If you are lucky enough to have a functioning fireplace in your home that is another architectural spot that you can capitalize on for style. Heavy field stone is a dramatic and historic choice for the chimney, and the stone or wooden options for the mantle are endless. A fairly wide mantle not only gives a bold look but it also gives you some strategic space to place pictures, sculptures or vases that can complete the look.


No actual fireplace in your house? There are plenty of “fake” models on the market that you can install into your home just for looks, or some that offer natural gas flames for actual heat.

Don’t forget the outside of your home either. A lovely porch, cobblestone driveway, gabled windows or exterior lighting can all be impressive architectural features too.

Erin Emanuel


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