What to do after a fire has affected your property

Your home or business is your most valuable investment, and once fire has affected your structure, there’s a lot of work ahead. We understand that once everyone is safe and no more destruction can occur from the flames, you may feel ready to take on the smoke and fire damage that has affected your spaces.

Property Affected


But you don’t have to do it alone

You need professionals with the knowledge and manpower necessary to protect and salvage your belongings and interior areas. If you attempt to complete the work yourself, without the proper tools and techniques, you could end up jeopardizing your structure, your assets, or even your health.

Get the expert assessment you need for your property from a skilled restoration professional who can provide you with the right place to start. Some of your items may be salvageable, but only with the use of thorough and detailed restoration methods. Find someone with the knowledge and experience to assist you in protecting your belongings. It may be that your home or business structure can be reconstructed with ease, if the job is begun right away.

If you attempt to reconstruct your home or business without the proper permits, you may overlook dangerous structural issues, or your property may be more difficult to sell because you don’t have the proper paperwork. Allow those who have worked for decades in the industry to utilize their skills and experience to restore your investment to perfect condition. Rely on professionals to deliver the best results for your construction and remediation needs.

Why are ash and smoke such a problem anyway?

Attentive and thorough care is an essential step after a fire because ash and smoke keep working long after the flames have died down. These substances can cause corrosion, etching, discoloration, and powerful odors that do not dissipate over time, which means that your average clean is not going to remove them or halt the destruction they are intent on creating.

Ash residue is an acidic substance that clings mightily onto every surface in your interior spaces, causes their color to fade or evolve unnaturally, and eventually, destroys them.  Metals will tarnish, plastic, fiberglass, and the finishes on your appliances will turn yellow, and it will even affect your walls, clothing, and upholstery in the same negative ways. You may need to refinish or replace your wood, vinyl, and metal items if they have been affected by the ash.

You need some dedicated help.

And we can provide it as soon as possible. Don’t make the problem worse by delaying the inevitable. The longer you wait, the less like it is that you will be able to salvage your items, and the expenses will increase exponentially to complete the restoration and construction you need. Look for restoration experts you can trust.

At 100% Dry, we have been assisting families and businesses with post-fire clean up for almost twenty years, and we offer twenty four hour a day and seven day a week emergency services. Get our help and assistance when you need it most and let our trained and certified team complete the work professionally, on time, and within your budget.

You can rely on our environmentally friendly solutions, products, and techniques. Our odor neutralizing products and advanced processes are proven to remove even the most powerful of smoke odors and perseverant ash residue from your home or business structure.

One-stop shop

We provide comprehensive restoration clean-up and in-house general contracting services all from the same company. This means the process is easier for you since all of your results, every step of the way, are delivered from the same trustworthy place.

We’ll remediate and rebuild so you can move on.

Erin Emanuel