Fire Breaks – Perth Property Owners’ “Clearing” For Safety

Although fire prevention is no longer as big a deal as it was in the summer when everybody was constantly in panic due to the fast-spreading bush fires fuelled by dangerous weather conditions and temperatures hitting the high 30s, many property owners are wasting no time in implementing changes in the landscape of their property to prevent such fires from threatening the safety of their homes again.

Fire Safety

Houses Burned

Early this year, 50 houses were burned to the ground in Perth Hills because of bush fires that lasted for days.Although a lot of residents were able to evacuate to secure areas in time, they were devastated to learn that they no longer had anything to come home to. The local government advised residents to relocate to less fire-prone areas of the suburb, but many are still more inclined to rebuild new homes where their scorched properties used to be — this time, however, more wisely.

Fire Safety

The said community is in the process of rehabilitation and most believe that the natural beauty rich in foliage of the east suburb is easy enough to revive. After clearing away burnt elements, transplanting trees and other plants is expected to commence. As for the homes, property owners are employing the services of contracting companies that will help them create fire breaks. Perth contracting companies claim they are accommodating demands for them to come up with the best plan to make sure houses are out of massive fires’ reach despite the direction and strength of winds.

Design for Fire Safety

In addition to the creation of an effective “design” for fire breaks, they are also commissioned to assist property owners in obtaining the necessary paperwork to ensure construction will be in compliance with established laws or policies regarding the creation of the clearing. Fire breaks usually involve tree removal and that’s typicallya major concern among authorities. Cutting down or removing trees is always controversial and there are many grey areas surrounding the approval of this “project,” so it’s imperative to present a good case for this work to be approved. Property owners are counting on experts’ assistance in securing a higher chance of being permitted by authorities to remove trees and other types of growth for the creation of a fire break that will protect not just their home but also their lives.

Obtaining permission to create fully effective fire breaks is proving to be a major hassle, though, but many are fighting it out so they can be sure to lose their properties no more should massive fires break out again in their communities.

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