Five Projects to help you Update Your Old Home without Complete and Total Destruction

Whether your home is outdated, run-down, or just in need of a little TLC, it might be time for a serious overhaul. However, many homeowners mistakenly think that in order to give the home a new look, it must be “gutted” and revamped from the inside-out. While this is one approach, it can be extremely expensive and inconvenient if you are living in the house at the time of the remodel. If you are interested in updating your old home without complete and total destruction, you can tackle the task project-by-project or room-by-room. That way, you can make investments and improvements throughout the home slowly, rather than all at once—making the home livable instead of a warzone. Take a look at the projects below to get some tips for updating an older, run-down home without any serious demolition.



Although there may be many rooms in a home, guests always seem to gravitate towards the kitchen. Remodeling and opening up the kitchen is a great way to update an old home. Consider creating a half wall which allows you to fashion a bar seating area either to entertain guests or to use as an informal dining area. This open plan eliminates visual barriers making your home appear larger. Once you’ve opened up the room, you can improve it piece-by-piece. Refinish the cabinets, replace cracked tiles with faux hardwood tiles, update any old appliances, and give the room a fresh coat of paint. When you approach the kitchen update in small bites, it won’t feel overwhelming and will soon look brand new.



A few simple upgrades and changes will leave your bathroom looking like new without breaking the bank. Replacing chipped shower tiles and re-grouting will give the bathroom a fresh look. Make sure to replace outdated or lime scale-stained faucets in your sink and shower. For bathrooms on the smaller side, a large frame-less mirror, as well as clear glass shower doors can create the illusion of larger space. As you can see, you can easily transform the bathroom with a few simple changes—improve the tile, switch out old fixtures, perhaps implement a color scheme in the decor, and voilà! You have a new bathroom after only a few completed projects.


A dingy home exterior can make your home appear older than it really is, and were not just talking about a paint job. Exposed to outdoor elements, your roof needs periodic TLC. Replacing your roof is not only an aesthetic advantage, but when necessary, can also eliminate issues with leaks, molding and ruined walls. If a complete replacement is not necessary or affordable, updating your roof is also a great idea. For shingles that are dirty, a pump sprayer with bleach and water will have these looking like new. The Pittsburgh roofers at Doing it Right Roofing suggest you avoid pressure cleaners, which can actually damage roof shingles.


Changing the color scheme of your home is also a way to give your home a crisp, remodeled look. Contrary to popular belief, an all-white color palette is not the only way to make a home look larger and more pristine. When choosing paint, ensure that you choose sharp colors as opposed to dull colors that blend in with other elements of the room. Dull colors will make the paint look old rather than fresh and appealing. An interesting way to unite all the spaces in your home without overdoing it with too many colors is to use different shades of the same color. An accent wall in a deeper shade of the principal color will also do the trick.

Crown Molding

Finish your paint job with crown molding for an upscale look. Ensure that when you are choosing crown molding it is harmonious with the rest of the décor in your home. For a home decorated in a traditional fashion, ornate crown molding adds the perfect touch. For those who have a more contemporary look to their home, the clean lines of simple, pattern-free crown molding will complete the look. Adding updated crown molding and repainting any trim around the home will be the cherry on top of your new, revamped home.

As you can see, your home doesn’t need to go through total internal destruction to look and feel new again. You can slowly but surely update every room in the home, increase the value and function of the home, and end up with a beautiful finished product. Choose the most outdated or run-down areas of the home to start with, and make small improvements from there. That way, you won’t drop a huge chunk of change all at the same time, and can save up money for projects as time goes by.

Erin Emanuel