What Does Your Floor Texture Say About You?

What does your floor say about you? Well, that you live in a house, I guess. While it might not shine a spotlight to your inner soul, your choice for home flooring does indicate a little more about your personality than you probably thought. Are you one of those who hem and haw over every detail (as you should — it’ll be under your feet every day for years to come) or the kind of person who just happens to be renting a house in 1970’s Chartreuse Shag Land? Either way, you’re walking on something.


Plush Carpet

Ah, a soul who enjoys luxury! You just want to kick your shoes off and relax. You could even have a picnic sprawled out in your own living room. You’re all about the cozy. It’s likely that other parts of your house are equally plush. Overstuffed armchairs? Piles of pillows? Feather mattress? Bring it on. You’re a warm person with a warm home.And likely, an excellent host. A carpeted landscape envelops your guests and soothes nerves. We’re not talking rough, scratchy casino-kaleidoscope carpeting here. This is more like a puffy party…underneath you. Let’s all sit on the floor!


So serious! Stone tile is a pretty masculine statement. Heavy, cold and fancy – it’s not for the weak of heart. Or those who prefer walking around barefoot (I’m aware you can finagle temperature-controls, but still). Considered a luxury item, stone is a very classy textile to integrate into your home. The craftsmanship involved alone speaks volumes to anyone who walks in the room. Whether it’s hand-cut marble or home-poured concrete, you are, literally, standing on firm terrain.


Let me guess, do you have a gaggle of Golden Retrievers? Seven children under the age of 7? Maybe so, but you never worry — you’re all ready to go! Laminate (or even vinyl) floors are sleek, have endless color and texture options and are, most importantly, easy to clean and hard to stain.You’re probably a no-nonsense person, always on the go, with plenty of things to move and shake. You don’t sweat the small stuff.You’re too busy looking at the big picture.Or running in the hills with your dogs.


This one gets a little tricky. There are so many different types of wood floors. Hundred-year-old buffed pine planks? New exotic bamboo, possibly dyed to match your drapes? Sleek hickory? The options are pretty much limitless. What if you live in a Treehouse, Swiss Family Robinson-style? I can’t even guess what that might say about you! You’re adventurous? A hardwood floor is a symbol of tradition, but it doesn’t necessarily make you a traditional person. Wood. It can be carved to fit any personality, I suppose. You whittle your own way.

No matter what type of texture you’re hoofing on, make sure it’s the one that makes you, personally, breathe a sigh of relief when you walk in the door. “Ahhh, I’m home…”

Author Bio: Jonathon Ensor, a newlywed and freelance blogger for Empire Today, loves his hardwood floor but occasionally prefers the feel of grass.

Erin Emanuel