Four Decorating Tips That Will Take Your Garden to the Next Level

A garden should be much more than just a few plants stuck in the ground. It’s a beautiful outdoor space that should act as your personal retreat every time you feel tired or stressed. Unfortunately, creating a space like that isn’t easy.

If you want your garden to be more than a few plants placed around a few chairs, check out these four decorating tips. They will enable you to take your garden to the next level.


Dress Your Windows

Your windows are an important interior element, so why wouldn’t they be an important exterior element as well? There are many ways you can dress up the outside of your windows to make a garden space more inviting. A few ideas include repainting the trim or hanging planters from the window sill.


What you hang inside matters too! Roman shades are a great choice, especially if you choose a colorful pattern. American Blinds can even, “Custom-design the perfect shade for your space with numerous fabric, embellishment, and style options.” That will make your interior and exterior spaces look great!

Create a Garden Entrance

Every home has an entrance, and every garden should have one too! Unfortunately, this is a detail that is often overlooked, but it can have a huge impact on the look and feel of your garden space.

Gardening Tips

There are tons of garden gate ideas that include:

  • A trellis can be decorated with vines
  • A simple wrought iron gate can give your space an old-English garden feel
  • An old barn door can make a rustic statement

You don’t necessarily have to add a door of any kind either. A stone walkway flanked by a few bushes is a simple and welcoming way to create a garden entrance.

Don’t Decorate a Patio—Design an Outdoor Room

Sometimes, simply changing your point of view can be immensely helpful. Instead of thinking you’re decorating a garden space, imagine that you’re decorating an outdoor room instead.

When you think of your garden space this way, suddenly you may realize that an outdoor rug, cushions, and a weatherproof coffee table are all great additions to your space when before, you may have thought a few chairs and a wrought iron table were you only options.

Don’t Forget About Lighting

Because a garden space is outside, lighting is often forgotten about, but why not linger longer in the garden in the evening with a few lighting ideas?

There are a lot of lighting options out there, and they’ll all make your space more visible, but some are more decorative than others. If you want to make your garden area stand out, skip the solar powered lawn stakes and instead use lanterns that contain LED candles, a string of outdoor patio lights, or even outdoor lamps!

Don’t think you’re stuck kicking up your feet inside if you want to relax. With these tips, you can transform your garden into a beautiful outdoor retreat where your entire family will want to spend their spare time.

Erin Emanuel

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  1. My wife and I want to start a garden this year so thanks for these decorating tips. I like your point about using lighting to make the space more visible. We’ll definitely consider getting some solar powered lights to highlight parts of the yard.

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