5 Things That You Must Know About Frameless Glass Pool Fences

The pool is the favorite hangout place during the summer for a number of families. Who doesn’t love to dive into the cool waters on a hot summer day?  Now, while having fun, one must also ensure the safety of children and adults too. Fencing around the pool is a wonderful way to not only enhance the aesthetic value but also prevent accidents.

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Importance of Fencing around Pools

It is mandated by a lot of governments to have a barricade of some sort around a swimming pool. This has been made so because a number of surveys have shown that more than 50% of drowning accidents in the pool occurred due to the absence of any demarcation or barrier of the pool area.

Nowadays there are many types of beautiful fences being erected to safeguard children and any guests who may not be aware of the existence of a pool. Some pool designs make it impossible for them to be visible from a distance until you are very close.

Children in the house love to play outdoors in the yard and can forget about the pool in their yard while having fun resulting in some serious accidents.

Although wood, iron, steel and aluminum are used for fencing; the material that is catching the attention of commercial places like clubs and hotels and also of homes is glass. There was a time when the glass frames had ugly metal frames around them, but now the frameless panels offer a seamless and safe alternative that is truly a sight to behold.

The following five areas of discussion about this type of barrier will throw more light on the subject.

1.      What is Frameless Glass Fencing?

Unlike the traditional glass panes; this type does not have any visible joints and all that one sees is a series of seamless panels. The glass used is of premium quality and the edges are highly smooth and polished. The sides of the glasses do not have any kind of metal sidings and it is only the bottom side that will have steel hinges to attach to the ground.

One gets a feeling that they are suspended in the air. One need not worry about the steel hinges at the bottom getting corroded or rust as they are stainless steel.

2.      Why Choose Frameless Glass Fencing?

  • The primary reason is of course that it is one of the most elegant and sophisticated ways of ensuring safety and security. Such fences are usually often found in highly luxurious surroundings. The reason being that opaque fencing obscures the vision and the beautiful décor of the pool and its surrounding area gets hidden.
  • The next reason is that while swimming both kids and adults still have a view of nature outside the panes. Imagine floating in cool waters and looking at the beautiful foliage in your yard. This is a truly relaxing feeling and can get rid of stress in just a few minutes.
  • Moreover, one can also keep an eye on children playing while you are floating with a book in your hand.
  • Then, if there is a party in the garden and the children are applying around the pool; you can still keep an eye on them through the glass panels so that the moment something untoward happens; you can rush to the spot. If the fence was an opaque type, then one would not realize that an accident has taken place until it is too late.
  • The transparent panels also give a feeling of having more peace than there actually is.

3.      How is Frameless Glass fencing installed?

There is no special kind of flooring needed for installation of these fences. One can confidently have it erected on a wooden or a concrete floor. The stainless steel frames and hinges at the bottom are strong enough to hold them together on any kind of floor. There are basically three ways in which they are fixed:

  • Spigot fixed – these are the panels where high quality stainless steel spigots are bolted to the surface.
  • Slot fixed – in this one gets a feeling of glass emerging from under the ground because the slots are also made in the ground and then panes are fixed into it.
  • Button fixed – with this type of installation, the panels go below the ground with the help of attached bolts on the glass at strategic locations for maintaining balance and strength.

4.      How Strong are Frameless Glass Fences?

Although these panels look delicate; they are quite strong. Some amount of shaking may be noticed when there is a strong wind, but it does not have any effect on the strong toughened glass that is well supported on the ground by equally strong stainless steel hinges, spigots, bolts and the like.

5.      Maintaining a Glass Fence

You are no doubt the proudest home owner with a frameless glass fence enhancing the beauty of your pool. However, how beautiful do you think it will look when stains on the glass are visible from a distance?  Glass fences do not require much maintenance, but they sure need cleaning periodically!

Perhaps, the best way to clean is to grab a regular liquid soap and some water. Your dish washing liquid will work just fine. Use a sponge to apply the soapy water; do not use any rough scrubbers! Next, just rinse off the soap with a garden hose. You can wipe it dry again, but normally leaving the job in the air is sufficient.

This type of cleaning does the trick even if you do it every three to six months. You may need more frequent cleaning if there are a lot of people using the pool on a regular basis or perhaps after a poolside party.

Now, that you have considered all the points; you are sure to agree that this truly is the most fashionable, stylish and safest fence around. Let, the seamless, transparent glass enhances the aesthetic quality of your beautiful pool and allow any visitors to admire it without actually taking a dip!

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  1. This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that glass fencing is one of the most elegant ways to ensure safety. My husband and I are going to be having a pool put in, and we want to make sure it’s safely enclosed, but I don’t want the fence to detract from the aesthetic. We’ll definitely look into having glass fencing installed so it looks elegant. Thanks for the great post!

  2. My friend is thinking about getting a pool in his backyard, but wasn’t sure about how to go about choosing a fence. It’s interesting that you say that glass fences are good for keeping an eye on your kids while they are playing. Since he has a few kids, this might be a nice way for him to stay dry while they play.

  3. It is necessary to build a fence around the swimming pool. It prevents your kids and pets from unnatural mishaps. I don’t think what is the problem with a pool having fence. It looks nice and at the same time ensures safety. You can get attractive fences. Frameless glass fencing is one among them. Such fencing types offers a new kind of luxury to the pool owners. Considering the delicacy of the material, you have to install it with great care. As a pool owner, you should have to appoint a reputable contractor for safe and secure installation.

  4. We have been thinking about getting a fence for a while now, but we weren’t sure what kind of fence we should get. It’s interesting that they give an elegant and sophisticated look. Since we want a great look in our yard, we will definitely have to look for something like that.

  5. You talked about a great reason for choosing glass fencing for the pool. My favorite reason that you mentioned was about how it is a good way to keep an eye on children playing while relaxing next to the pool at home. That will be something for me to consider while I talk to my husband about our options.

  6. I like that in frameless glass fencing, there is still stainless steel involved. I love the look of stainless steel, and it always sounds so strong and sturdy. I am sure that if someone was building a pool and wanted a frameless glass fence around the pool, they would love to order some stainless steel supplies as well.

  7. Very informative piece! I think you have tackled the most important reasons why people should install pool fences and why glass fence is the best type to date. Why we love glass ultimately, aside from looking aesthetically pleasant, is that it provides us with uninterrupted flow of view, we can immediately see whose in the pool or near the pool, which makes baby sitting a lot easier. I couldn’t agree more, glass is the way to go!

  8. Frameless Glass Fencing is indeed one of the best choice nowadays. Glass is my preference as well. Aside from it’s aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, it’s easy to maintain as well. Great content!

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