French Doors and What You Probably Don’t Know About Them

A French door is usually made up of either one or two doors that are quite light and are mostly made of beautiful window glass panes. The panes cover between 80 to 90 percent of the door.

french front doors for homesThey may just seem like pretty doors, but there is more to them than meets the eye. The following will help you learn everything there is to know about these doors and why you might want consider them for your next home project or update.

A Little More About These Doors

For the most part, these types of doors are used as garden doors because they help give homeowners a view of the backyard. This is a great feature, especially for homeowners who are proud of their landscaping. We know that a breakfast could be almost magical with natural light and a beautiful landscape as your backdrop.

These types of doors were originally called porte-fenêtre in French. This tells you everything you need to know about these doors because that French phrase means ‘door window.’ The French called them this because there was no real difference between these doors and glass windows, except they could be opened like regular doors.

We know many people think these doors are only for the exterior, but the reality is these types of doors could also be used on the interior. Most of the time, they are installed indoors to divide two large rooms, giving the house a touch of vanity that cannot be done with any other door style.

Qualities of Glass Doors You Might Not Know

The following are other features of these glass doors or window doors that you probably want to know if you are considering them:



One of the most important features to point out about French doors is that they help make your home a little more eco-friendly.

You have probably already taken a number steps in this direction, like upgrading your appliances to Energy Star appliances or sealing cracks to help contain treated AC or furnace air inside your home so that your device does not have to work as much. Still, one thing many homeowners overlook are these doors.

Glass doors can help keep your home a little warmer because they let more sunlight into your home. This means you won’t need to use your furnace as much. It should also be pointed out that this much natural light is going to help reduce the amount of lights you need on during the day, helping you use less energy every day.


Being able to use your furnace less and being able to reduce the amount of lights you turn on during the day can end up saving you money.

Sure, you already know your carbon footprint should be reduced, but you also should see lower energy bills. As a homeowner, you know that every little bit counts, and all you have to do is install these glass doors.

Added Protection

The backyard is one area of a home that is particularly vulnerable to criminals. The area behind you is likely a little hidden from prying neighbors, and security personnel that may be driving through your neighborhood will likely not see an intruder back there.

A door window provides much more safety because it allows you to see a lot more of the backyard. Intruders know that these types of doors expose them, giving you or anyone in your home a chance to call the proper authorities. Glass doors should deter intruders for this reason, making your home that much safer.

Of course, on top of having these types of doors, it may be a good idea to have sensor lights in your backyard so that you can see clearly even at night. It may even be a good idea to cut down large bushes or other plant life, which intruders could use as cover. No one wants to talk about these things, but it is a good idea because being prepared helps.

Smart Investment

One last feature you want to keep in mind about glass doors is that they also represent a significant investment. These types of doors easily beautify a home, and homebuyers know that. You will likely attract better offers and end up with a better price by installing a door like this one.

Now, it is important that you talk to a designer to help you install a door that matches your overall look or to see if it may be a good idea to add some actual large windows to help complete the look.

You should also talk to your real estate agent before making a decision like this so that he or she could help guide your choices. These individuals know the housing market and home buyers better than most, so getting their opinion before making changes to your home is a good idea.

We think you should try to make sure the glass doors you choose feel right to you since these updates are for your home, and any update made should reflect who you are. A home cannot feel home-like if you start making changes you aren’t really comfortable with. Take your time as you consider these types of doors, and look through a few models to see which works for you and your home.

Erin Emanuel