Improve Your Curb Appeal: Why Your Yard Should Be Given More Attention

When the chill starts to vanish from the air and the temperatures soar, you spend much more time outdoors. In addition to providing a more pleasing aesthetic appeal for yourself, keeping your yard tidy can even increase the value of your property. Here are just a few reasons you should be giving your yard a little more attention:



Attracting More Buyers

For individuals who are putting their houses up for sale, increasing curb appeal is crucial. When people drive up to your house, the yard is the first thing that they are going to see, so you want it to look as tidy and inviting as possible. If the yard is a mess, the first thing buyers will think of is how much work they will have to do it bring the space up to an appropriate level.

Increasing The Value

Even if you are able to get people in to look at the house with a broken-down yard, you are unlikely to get top dollar for it. When the appraisal of your house is done, the curb appeal will be taken into account, so you’ll have all the more reason to raise the price tag, and prospective buyers will have more incentive to offer a higher amount of money.

Improving The Community

The look of the yard is not only about you, it affects your entire community as well. Many communities are judged based on the upkeep of the houses and the yards in them. One foul yard on a block can make the entire area seem questionable in terms of residents and community pride. Taking the extra steps to clean up your yard can add a face lift to the whole town.

Safety Purposes

Letting your yard just sit can mean that it becomes a breeding ground for anyone who walks by looking to throw away garbage. You might not notice if broken glass blows onto the property or if other dangerous substances are present. These can quickly become hazards for your family, especially your children and pets, so improving your curb appeal has a safety value too.

Decreasing Crime

In addition to safety from hazardous and sharp objects, a well-kept yard can prevent your home from becoming the victim of a burglary. If robbers are walking by and they see a yard that is a mess, they might assume that the house is abandoned and try to break in. A well-maintained yard shows that people do live in the home.

Aesthetic Appeal

Even if you have no intentions of selling in the near future or you have a fence that prevents any passersby from seeing it, you should still take pride in your property. After all, you likely spend a lot of money to live in your community, and maintaining the yard helps to show yourself that you care.

Curb appeal isn’t just an item on an appraiser’s check list. Instead, maintaining it helps to serve an array of purposes. If you don’t have time or the tools, consider getting the help of a professional to get your yard in better shape this season.

Informational credit to Hitch City.

Erin Emanuel