7 Smart Ideas to Instantly Upgrade Your Garage

Often a veritable dumping ground for the home, garages are usually cluttered and unorganized as everything that doesn’t have a permanent place in the house finds its way here. With a little bit of work and planning, this home space can be transformed into something much more than an eyesore.

7 Smart Ideas to Instantly Upgrade Your Garage


Hold a Garage Sale

The fact of the matter is, garages get cluttered with things that we no longer need but feel the need to hang on to. Start to clear out the mess by holding a garage sale. Once that’s done, take everything that is left over and donate it to charity. This will give you less to work with as you begin to transform your space.

Sort Things

As the first step to achieving some sense of order, sort everything in the garage. Put decorations on one side and tools on the other. This will give you more room to work with a sense of the amount of storage you will need to invest in to provide everything a dedicated home

Invest in Storage

Whether they need to be hung from the wall or simply pushed into a side corner, shelves and cabinets are the quickest and easiest way to begin storing things in an organized and logical manner. Places like Quantum Storage have numerous solutions that fit every type and every size garage.

Paint It

Garages don’t have to be sterile environments. Spend some time to paint a checkerboard pattern on the wall or hang some decorative art to liven the place up. Giving it a theme will make it much more fun to clean up and give it a sense of purpose.

Light It

One single yellow light coming from the garage door system casts the garage in a depressing amount of light, making it feel like a junk space. Add one or two lamps to light every corner so that when you go out there, you can see what you’re doing and clearly see any messes that need to be organized.

Use the Ceiling

Hooks are incredibly cheap and an efficient means of getting items off of the floor. Use them to hang bicycles, kayaks and golf bags. You can also construct hanging shelves whose heights can be adjusted to hold boxes such as those used for decorations that only need to be accessed once per year.

Floor Tiles

Offered in a variety of colors and prices, floor tiles are an inexpensive way to add decoration and traction to the otherwise smooth garage floor. Many are used by those that work on cars but just as many use them to make their garage an additional room of the house.

No matter your style, your budget or your preference, organizing the garage is an easily achievable goal when paired with imagination and steady work. By treating the garage as a part of the house and not a room stuck on the side, it becomes much easier to make it a room you can be proud of.

Erin Emanuel