5 Must-Read Gardening Books for Australian Gardeners

Life has become busy and stressful. To stay happy and healthy, more and more Australians are taking up gardening as their hobby. Moreover, availability of gardening tools online has been a boon to people. But beginners will surely need some good tips and guidance for turning into active gardeners. Books will well serve this purpose and will probably serve as great guides too.

Here are five classic books on gardening that are especially meant for Australian gardeners.

Gardening Book


1) Creating an Australian Garden by Angus Stewart

Here comes the gardening book from ABC’s garden guru Angus Stewart. This book will help you to begin gardening from scratch, select the most appropriate plants for your environment, create mounds, save water and will even help you to grow native plants in containers. It encloses a list of around 450 exclusive Australian plant varieties. Right from planning to planting, this book will help you to create your envisaged garden for your backyard.

2) Australian Garden for a Changing Climate by Jenna Reed Burns

Behind every vibrant garden, there’s a hard working gardener. This book is meant for those hard working gardeners who are ready to put all efforts to keep their gardens beautiful and flourishing. Jenna has some astounding tips that will help you to overcome the challenges of the Australian climate and will also help in creating suitable microclimates, improving soil fertility and will teach you the importance of mulches.

What’s more? It even teaches you efficient utilization of water for your garden so that you can maintain a garden even with limited amount of water. Get the book, go through it and order your supplies online and you are all set to sow seeds for an enchanting garden.

3) Australian Gardening Calendar by Penguin

This book will become your favorite gardening guide. The best thing about the book is that it has something for everyone. Whether you just have a vegie patch or a few pots, this book contains tips on every sort of garden and teaches you important mantras about proper garden care.

It can be called a month-by-month guide which covers the drastic climatic changes that range from tropical climate of north to chilly winds of south. Australian Gardening Calendar tells you when to plant what, how to make good compost, how to be water-wise and even help you pick the the right spades to use.

4) The Practical Australian Gardener by Peter Cundall

Whether you are looking for tips on ornamental plants or you are seeking guidance on landscaping a large area, this book is all set to reveal the secrets of good gardening. First published in 1989, this book has gained worldwide recognition and its author Peter Cundall has become one of the most renowned gardening advisers. It has tips to keep your garden pest-free without using harmful chemicals and also encloses a week-to-week plan of action to keep your garden in a healthy and blooming condition.

5) The Edible Balcony by Indira Naidoo

Not everyone is blessed with a huge backyard and good soil. People who live in apartments don’t find it easy to grow gardens but great foodie and media personality Indira Naidoo’s book has the power to transform the most lethargic green thumbs into active gardeners. This book talks about the challenges Indira faced in turning her thirteenth-floor balcony into a thriving kitchen garden and how she overcame them.

Indira successfully established an urban oasis and dedicated just ten minutes a day. Soon, she was able to produce fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits in her balcony. This book also contains sixty delicious recipes which showcase her homegrown food.

The Bottom Line

Gardening in modern days have become easier than ever as maximum landscape supplies required for gardening are available online. With a little help from the above listed books, Australian gardeners can easily start building one, especially when all the gardening tools will be supplied right at their door. A couple of books, however, like the ones by Jenna Reeds or Peter Cundall, can also be used by experienced gardeners.

Erin Emanuel