Gardening decking ideas

Decking is a great option to make your backyard look more appealing and be more sociable. But with many homes already having decking, how can you make yours look unique? And what will give it the edge over your neighbor’s decking?

Gardening decking

Well, perhaps it’s time to think outside of the box and play with the design. Here’s some garden decking ideas to get you thinking differently.

Decking a small space

There’s a false assumption that decking needs a lot of space. But a small deck is the ideal spot for sunbathing on a reclining lounger. Or enjoying your morning coffee on a compact bistro set. Keep it flush to the ground or as low as possible so you don’t need to take up valuable space with safety railings.

Build it away from the house

Decking is usually built out from the wall of your house. But sometimes the house blocks the sun from reaching that part of your garden or yard. Check where the sunniest part of your garden is and build it there instead.

Deck around a water feature

Who says decking needs to be laid in a square? Why not lay it around a small water feature such as an ornamental pond or fountain? This makes a fantastic social space and gives you a great centerpiece to look at. Installing composite decking for this is ideal, making it more water-resistant and durable.

Raised decking for gardens with a view

Raising your decking on tall stilts can give you a better view out of your garden, making the most of countryside vistas or cityscapes. Imagine being able to watch the sun go down or come up on your raised deck. Just be sure you’re not overlooking your neighbors property though.

Covered decking for all seasons

Decking is great when the weather is warm and sunny but what about at other times? Make more of your decking by adding a covered area to it. Make your cover out of the same wood planks for a cozy cabin-style deck or a canvas sail shade for a sleek and modern deck.

Combine a deck with a pergola

If you want to add height but don’t want to block out the sunshine, a pergola is a great way to top your decking off. You can leave it as a natural wooden frame or grow climbing plants up and over it to create a Mediterranean-style outdoor dining area or nature-filled relaxation space.

Make it curvy

Forget square corners and go for a curvy shaped deck. This can be a little more skilled to construct but gives you lots of design options. It allows you to make the most of decking a corner and softens the shape of the deck, so it blends into your garden better.

Use paint to add more color

If you’re bored of plain wooden decking, it’s time to get out the paint brush. Both wood and composite decking can be painted using the right primers and paints. Don’t stop at the deck itself though, add a splash more color to your garden furniture and plant pots too.

Decking can take on many styles

So, there you have it. Your decking doesn’t need to look the same as your neighbor’s. It can be built where and however you fancy. You can combine it with other garden features, construct it in a different shape or paint it in a fresh color. The choice is yours.

Erin Emanuel