Get Your Home Ready for Hosting Your Extended Family at Thanksgiving

If you are hosting your extended family’s Thanksgiving this year, don’t get stressed out in the planning stages. Now is the time to get started on the preparations for hosting this important occasion. Before you even start to think about meal planning, you need to get your house ready. Here are some simple ways to make your house ready for guests and looking great.


Try Slipcovers for Tired Living Room Furniture

Start with your living room. You don’t need to purchase an entirely new living room set to impress your family members. Instead, take the easy route to give your living room the look of new furniture with stylish slipcovers. A good, quality set of slipcovers can be easily placed onto all of your furniture for seating, such as your couch, loveseat, or armchair. You can find something in a fall color that is perfect for the Thanksgiving season. Then, if some of your guests accidentally spill something on your furniture, you can simply slip them off and wash them.


Position Scented Candles Strategically

Another thing you should focus on for a great guest experience at your house is the smell. Scents can sometimes impact a person’s mood. Instead of the smell of stale air or old cooking, entice your guests with pleasing fall scents that will put them in the mood for a warm family party. One easy idea is to give your home that autumn scent with strategically placed scented candles. Try putting some candles in your bathroom, kitchen, and dining room for best results.

Stock Your Bathroom With the Essentials

Next, you need to make sure your guests are taken care of by putting some attention into your bathroom. Designate a powder room for guests to use and make it convenient and welcoming to visitors. Make sure you stock up on toilet paper, guest towels, soaps, and other essentials. Guests will also appreciate it if you have a few small sample sized toiletries on hand such as lotion, mouthwash, dental floss, or lip balm.

Welcome Guests With a Fall Wreath

It’s also a good idea to make the entrance of your home extra welcoming to visitors. An easy and stylish way to do this is with a fall-themed wreath for your door. Check out your local craft store to get some ideas about fall wreaths you can make within your budget. Incorporate small flowers with fall colors, gourds, pumpkins, and autumn leaves throughout your project. Tie it together with a crisp ribbon wrapped around your wreath to make it gorgeous.

Refresh the Kitchen

Another essential part of your hosting dues includes cooking. You’ll need to get your kitchen ready for hosting since it’s going to be the central focus point of the holiday activity. A few months before, think about updating your space’s look with stunning kitchen garden cabinetry or new countertops. If that’s not possible, a new set of hardware throughout your kitchen along with some fresh kitchen towels could do the trick.

Make an Autumn-Themed Table Centerpiece

For special occasions, center pieces can also help set the mood. Fall offers plenty of center piece options, including fresh produce, foliage, and flowers. Pick a main color scheme and choose the flower or plant that fits the hue. Then, take a trip to your local fall produce shop to get even more accessories and ideas to add to your center pieces. Instead of a vase to hold your flowers, look for something more rustic and related to the harvest, such as glass jars or tin buckets.

Your fall Thanksgiving party can be a hit with all of your friends and family members if you get your home ready ahead of time. Focus on a few small and easy updates and enhancements to get everyone excited about visiting your home and enjoying your cooking.

Erin Emanuel


  1. Thanksgiving is arriving and I was looking for these kinds of post. That was a really informative post. One more thing I would like to suggest that, renovating your home would be a good idea. You can use granite, marble & quartz for the renovating your home.

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