How To Get Your Rental Property Rent-Ready


Get Your Rental Property Rent-Ready

Renting your property is an effective and popular way to earn easy money. But, before you rent your property, you need to make sure that it is in perfect condition for a new lease. It is important for you to check the living conditions of your property; otherwise, you will be bombarded with complaints in no time.

Once your current tenants leave, you will have to work quickly to get the property ready for the next set of tenants. This should be done fast, because the more you let space remain vacant, the more you lose out on monthly rent.

Considering how easy it is to forget simple items during the renovation process, we have prepared a checklist for you to refer to. Remember, if your tenants find the living conditions satisfactory, they will agree upon a higher rent. So it is very important for you to keep the place absolutely spick and span before bringing your tenants around to it.

Follow this list to ensure that all aspects of the renovation are paid equal attention to.

  • Get It Cleaned By Professionals

First and foremost, scrub and clean every inch of the property. Your previous tenants might have kept the place shining, but you should let the professionals take over and hire a cleaning service for this job.

Get Your Rental Property

Not just the floors and washrooms, make sure that the curtains and bedcovers are equally clean. You can also replace them if need be. You definitely cannot entertain potential tenants in a home with dirty curtains and bed sheets- it creates an awful first impression that may cost you your money.

  • Mend All Accessories

Once your past tenants move out, use this lapse period to check the various appendages of the property to ensure that they are in prime condition. For example, check the windows for broken glass or damaged locks, take a look at the fences, walkways, and driveway of the property for any unsafe or dangerous developments, and check the plug points and electrical outlets.

If you do find some damages here and there, get them fixed way before the new tenants move in.

These are the two most important things that you need to take care of before the arrival of the new tenant- cleanliness, and safety.

Now, on many occasions, it is not possible for the owner to do these things himself, especially when he and the rental property are situated in different cities. In such cases, owners hire property management companies. The main purpose of these companies is to take over the management and maintenance duties related to a property. Once in action, it is their job to get the property ready for new tenants.

Century 21 Everest Property Management is one such property management company, and one of the most well known in the business. Our efficiency and sincerity are sure to blow you away. Once a property is assigned to us, we take control of all its aspects, thus leaving free of worries. Choose us to ensure the safety of your precious property.

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