Getting your Home Ready for Summer

Now that winter has said a fond farewell and we are well into Spring, it is time to turn our attention to the wonderful months of summer. That time of year where the sun shines, the weather is warmer and the evenings remain lighter for longer allowing us to spend more time outdoors.

During the winter months, the heavy rain, snow, sleet, hail, frost and wind takes its toll on our homes and that is why it is important to get your home ready for summer. So, how do you get your home ready for summer? The team at Property Cash Buyers have put some insightful tips on how to prepare your home for the summer months.

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Get Painting

Now that the worst of the weather has disappeared and the days appear brighter, it is easier to see just how much of your home requires painting. The exterior of your home may need to be repainted or you might feel like adding in a new colour. Your decking may have faded and this will mean that it needs a fresh coat of paint or your fencing might need re-staining. Whatever it may be, this is the perfect time of the year to carry out these jobs in order to make your home look a lot better.

Get Painting

It’s BBQ Time

Whether you are the type to leave your BBQ out all summer or the type to put it away, it will need a clean. For those of you who have a traditional charcoal then it will need a deep clean in order to remove all charcoal remains from the previous summer. Give it a deep clean using a disinfectant while any grills should be soaked in soapy water as the grease can build up over time. If you own a gas BBQ then you will more than likely need to carry out a similar clean but there will be a bit more to it than the charcoal BBQ. This is mainly because any fat and grease that drips from a charcoal BBQ will be burnt off by the charcoal, however, on a gas BBQ the grease can collect in difficult to reach areas. Therefore, follow the instructions to take the BBQ apart as much as possible and clean all trays and grills until they are sparkling again.

Clean the fireplace

The days of huddling around a roaring fire are gone for the time being but nobody likes to look at a dirty fireplace for the duration of summer. Therefore, remove all logs and coal and give the area a sweep and a brush down to remove any soot. If you have a chimney, then a chimney brush will help. If you have any brass or metal grates give them a deep clean so they are ready to use once the next dreaded winter arrives.


Sprucing up the patio and gardens

Your garden would have started to sprout weeds, the patio may have gone a shade of green with moss, while trees, grass and shrubs would have become over grown and maybe even died. If the patio requires a clean, use a patio cleaner, working it into the slabs before washing away with a jet wash or hose. Remove any weeds between slabs and then look to cut your lawn. This will enable you to identify any areas of the lawn that may require repair work such as re-seeding. Remove any weeds from other areas of the garden or spray them with a weed killer, although this will take several weeks to work successfully.

patio and gardens

You can then start to look at removing any dead plants and trimming back plants so that they can re-grow again during the summer months. If any trees require cutting back, call in the professionals or take care doing it yourself. If you want to inject some colour, plant some new flowers and plants that will bloom during the summer.

Update window treatments in light spring fabrics

During winter months we close the blinds or curtains to shut away the cold and damp world outside. However, now that the warmer, lighter days are upon us, you’ll want to let the light into your home making it look appealing both inside and out. This is where you need to update your window treatments by introducing light spring fabrics. This will enhance the summery feel that you have around your home while it will also give your home a beautiful appearance from the outside.

Clean your Windows

Once again, the rain and other harsh elements can really leave your windows looking dirty. If you have no problem getting up a ladder you could tackle every window in just a few hours. Use a good window cleaner, a damp cloth, squeegee and even a window vac to get them gleaming. This will also improve the light that enters your home.

Clean your Windows

Clean the Driveway

Whether you have a tarmac drive, paved drive or a gravel drive, a good jet wash will ensure that it looks its best again. It is amazing how much grime can stain your driveway over the course of winter and so, spending a few hours removing the dirt will enhance the look of your home.


Pay Attention to Your Patio Furniture

What use is a long hot summer if your patio furniture is not up to scratch? Just like every other aspect of your home, your patio furniture will also require some attention because it too, can become extremely dirty. Any wooden furniture will require re-staining to protect it for a further few years but any glass or metal furniture will need to be washed down using warm soapy water.

Patio Furniture

Paint the Interior

If you are the type to host summer parties and gatherings, then a lick of paint will certainly prepare your home for your guests. Introduce lighter colours that enhance the feeling of light and space and you will soon turn your home into a place where you can spend time to escape the midday sun while still being able to enjoy all that summer offers.

Paint the Interior

Clear the Gutters

It is quite surprising just how much dirt gets washed off your roof during winter, not to mention the debris that can collect in it. As the nicer weather is upon us, now is the time to inspect your guttering and give it a good clean out by removing any dirt, moss and leaves. This will ensure that your gutters and drainpipes are free to remove water with it overflowing and potentially causing future problems.

Clear the Gutters

Preparing your home for summer is one of the most rewarding things you can do. Giving yourself enough time to complete these tasks will ensure that your home is ready for you to enjoy once the sun really does begin to shine!

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