Gifts of the Hearth: Practical Gifts for a New Home

Giving a housewarming gift is a great way to welcome a new neighbor, or to celebrate a young family’s new home. Here are some practical gift ideas for your next house-warming party.


A Basic Home Repair Kit

Simple tool kits can be purchased at any hardware store or big box store. It may seem cold and impersonal, but it is just the thing for when a table or chair leg gets loose. Most repairs do not require a wood shop arsenal. They just need something that will loosen, tighten, or fasten. Giving the gift that lasts a long time is something any homeowner can appreciate.

Gifts for new Home


Plants have a number of practical uses. Not only do they beautify a room, certain plants can even improve air quality. Philodendrons and Spider Plants are among several recognized for their ability to purify the air. Before buying houseplants, you will need to know more about the home’s lighting. Several plants that grow well in low light areas are also good at purifying the air. If the kitchen has a window, a herb garden for the window sill is a practical and tasty gift.

Helpful Gifts for Organization

It does not take anyone long to become disorganized. A desk organizer is an inexpensive yet practical gift a new homeowner just might need in the future. Plastic storage bins are helpful for closet and craft organization. These items can be found at any big box or office supply store.

Assistance with a Project

If you want to give the gift of time along with money, you may help with a redesign of closet or living space. If you are the parents of a young couple, this idea can be a good one as long as you allow the owners of the house to be in control of the project. If this is your gift idea, take time to sit down with the new homeowners and look at a website such as houzz to find ideas that they may adapt.

Help with Major Home Repairs

An outside the box idea for a housewarming gift is a gift certificate toward a major home repair. For example, you could arrange with a T. Simpson roofing company to inspect the roof for a free estimate of needed roofing repairs. You may pay for all or a part of those repairs or a year warranty on their North York roof.

A housewarming gift will be practical only if you know the person and know the home. After that, choose the gift that is best.

Erin Emanuel