Giving your home the ‘designer’ look

Most people would love to own at least one classic piece of designer furniture and thanks to the internet and the increasing popularity of auction houses, it is now possible for virtually anyone to own one. If owning a piece of designer furniture is something that you are keen to achieve then here we will give you some tips on how to do it.

Do plenty of research

If you were buying a new home or a new car then you will have done plenty of research before making such a significant purchase. Likewise, purchasing a piece of classic designer furniture should not be entered into lightly and requires plenty of digging to ensure you are buying the right sort of piece that will hold its value or maybe even increase in value the longer you own it. If you are purchasing merely for aesthetic pleasure then you still need to do some research to ensure that the item will fit in with your style and your home. Once you have decided what to purchase then more research is required to ensure that you get it for the best possible price.

Buying designer furniture without breaking the bank

The internet is probably the first place you should look in order to purchase classic pieces of designer furniture. There are several options available when looking online. You could try looking for online retailers who sell new designer pieces and then compare the prices of these to ensure that you are not paying more than you have to. Alternatively, online auction sites usually have a large selection of second hand furniture and some also sell brand new items as well. Traditional auction houses are good for older pieces or if a designer is popular then they may even hold a specialist sale dedicated to that designer. Such sales are worth looking out for. For items designed by new or up-and-coming designers, it is worth seeing if you can visit their studio or workshop and trying to negotiate on the price of furniture directly with them. A reasonable alternative to buying a designer item is to purchase something that is in the style of your favourite designer. You may even find that this item is valuable in its own right.

Whether your newly-acquired piece of designer furniture is for an older style property or a new build house such as those of the type built by Linden Homes, as long as you have chosen well and picked something that is a classic it is bound to fit with the style of you and your home. The piece you have chosen need not have cost you a fortune either as long as you shopped around, however it does not matter how much you have spent as long as the piece you have chosen is something you love.

Author Bio: James Pattrick writes regularly on home and lifestyle issues for a range of lifestyle websites and blogs. This includes writing about furniture and homes such as those built by #Keepmoat.

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