Tips to Decorate Your Home With Glass Cabinets for a Modern Touch

When it comes to renovating or choosing cabinets for your home, the look that you choose can completely change the atmosphere. And with contemporary and modernity both being trending styles, more people are turning to cabinets with glass doors to brighten up their spaces.


Why Choose Glass Cabinets?

For a modern kitchen, it’s all about a bright, neutral color palette. Many glass kitchen cabinets lend themselves to this modern style. Glass cabinets are among the most popular design choices for modern cabinets.

glass cabinets kitchen

Not only do they help create a bright, simple, and cozy atmosphere, they also lend themselves to easy decorating. The glass panes are perfect for displaying nice dishes or cute cookie jars, and it’s easy to see what you have in each cabinet. They’re also great tools for helping you to stay neat and tidy since whatever you put in them is essentially on display.

How Much Do Glass Cabinets Cost?

For glass cabinets in a kitchen, cost varies greatly depending on the size, color, and materials used in whatever cabinet style you choose. For example, Pedini Miami’s glass cabinets are built with an aluminum profile in various finishes, and the frames of the glass doors have an easy handgrip. Some styles have wood frames with glass panes, and the options are endless when it comes to finishes.

According to Home Advisor, “Kitchen cabinets range widely from $100 to $1,200 per linear foot.” That means a 10-by-10-foot kitchen would run anywhere from $2,000 to $24,000. Cost also depends on the manufacturer or source through which you get your cabinets. That can be the cost of the materials by themselves before even tacking on the cost of installation. Unless, of course, you do it yourself.  For accurate pricing and quotes, it’s best to reach out directly to your chosen manufacturer or seller.

Tips for Decorating With Glass Cabinets

glass-cabinets-decoratingSo, you’ve decided to go for glass cabinets. Before you begin decorating, take a moment to consider the following tips. They will hopefully guide you in your quest for a modern, aesthetically pleasing, and functional room.

Less Is More

Clutter is not a trend, and it shouldn’t be eating up space in your cabinets, either. Go through what you store in your cabinets and determine what you use, and what you don’t use. From there you can toss or donate items and reorganize your cabinets with only the things you really need.

Don’t go overboard with decorating. A few display items or pretty dishes here and there are good. Your entire collection of pots and pans, DVDs or random items only take away from your focal point — your beautiful glass cabinets.

Choose and Stick to a Simple Color Palette

You also don’t want to overwhelm the atmosphere you’re going for by mixing and mashing too many different colors while decorating. The best rule of thumb is to choose up to three colors that will complement each other, and add a nice, bright pop of color to your space.

Karen, the blogger behind Sanctuary Home Decor, suggests lightening the look for spring and summer with shades of white, cream and a few splashes of gray or pink. For fall and winter, she said, warm up the look by switching your color palette to touches of copper and natural wood. Of course, the colors you’d like to decorate with are up to you — try a few pastels for spring and summer, and move toward some burgundy and copper or gold for fall and winter.

Go With White Cabinets

white-glass-cabinetsWhile this is just a suggestion, it’s also true that white cabinets look cleaner and are much easier to style, since they will open up a room and complement any color scheme you choose. This is one of those kitchen design ideas you’ll want to consider right from the get-go when renovating or remodeling your space.

Use Your Display Items

display-items-glass-cabinetsWhen the main point of having cabinets is to create more storage space, it doesn’t make sense to fill them with display items you won’t be using in your kitchen or living room. You want to strike the right balance between aesthetics and functionality. Therefore, everything you choose to display should have a purpose.

Courtney, the blogger behind A Thoughtful Place, suggests putting things you use on a regular basis out in front of you, and then styling your cabinets with those items. This will depend entirely on your lifestyle and what you find yourself reaching for regularly. It could be cookbooks, wine glasses, baskets, jars, or vases. It might be completely different items — the idea is that it works for you.

Keep Them Clean


As with any glass — mirrors and windows included — it will get dirty, and it is prone to fingerprints. If you have small children, you might want to consider installing glass cabinets only out of their reach. At the very least, wipe them down often and shine the glass inside and out. After all, this is where you’re displaying the items in your kitchen or living room!

Line Your Cabinets

Even if your glass cabinets have framed doors that block the view of the shelving within them, it’s a good idea to line each shelf with a clear, plastic liner to protect the wood floors. Wood is easily damaged by water, and you’ll want to protect every aspect of your cabinet to keep it in tip-top shape for as long as possible. Liners also ensure the color of your cabinets will show through, and a clear, plastic liner won’t distract from them.

Mix Horizontal and Vertical

horizontal-vertical-glass-cabinetsWhen putting items for display in your glass cabinets, mix up vertical and horizontal items for balance. Coldwell Banker bloggers suggest standing some cookbooks as you would on a bookshelf, but laying others down in a stack. Feel free to stack plates, but mix it up by adding a few plate stands so some are displayed upright. This is great for those nice plates you’d rather display than use, too!

Erin Emanuel