New Year Home Resolution: Going Green

Going Green” – it’s a phrase you hear everywhere nowadays. That’s because converting to sustainable energy is quickly becoming a priority for North American homeowners. Not only does switching to energy efficient ways help the environment, it can also help to increase the value of your home and save you money on utility bills. That means more money in your pocket, something every homeowner could use a little more of these days! In this blog post, we’ve shared our best tips for green home improvement, and hope that you use them to make a big change for the
new year!


Switch Out Appliances

switch off appliances

Source: India Get Green Blog

Just by replacing your old, outdated appliances with energy efficient models, you can notice an amazing difference in the power usage of your home. Additionally, updating a kitchen , laundry room, or bathroom with new green appliances can do wonders for each room’s aesthetics. Since many home buyers now look for green appliances as well as beauty when selecting a home, making this switch will only help your resale efforts.

Put In Ceiling Fans

install ceiling fans

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It costs a lot of energy to power an air conditioning system, especially when you compare it to the cost to power simple ceiling fans. By installing these handy, and often overlooked, fixtures, you can make your home more comfortable as well as lighten your utility bill.

Add Insulation

installing insulation

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If air is escaping your home due to poor insulation, it makes temperature regulation all the harder. And when you’ve got your thermostat working overtime just to compensate, you’re bound to see your power usage spike. By adding more insulation where it’s needed, you can keep your home’s temperature more stable, and thus, less in need of energy-consuming conditioning.

Getting a Smart Thermostat

smart thermostat

Source: Nest

Speaking of thermostats, choosing the right one can make a big difference in sustainability.

“Smart” thermostats, like the Nest, can be programmed to work according to your schedule, and even be managed when you’re away from home. No more worrying about leaving the heating running all day!

Install Solar Panels

installing solar panels

Source: Solar Panel Safe

By installing solar panels, you can source enough energy to partially or even fully power your home. And if you have a surplus of energy gathered, some energy providers may be willing to purchase it from you.

Use Sustainable Materials

Many don’t think of this option when trying to go green. When building or renovating your home, opting for sustainable materials is the most responsible, and often affordable, choice. Materials like bamboo place little strain on the environment to grow, and they have a beautiful finish. Want to learn more green home improvement ideas and energy efficient renovation strategies? Get in touch with us today. As a top renovations company in Toronto, we can help you welcome
the new year with a more sustainable home.

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