Tips for Creating Good Feng Shui in Baby Room

When the little one is coming, everything in your home becomes less important than making it comfortable and doing all there is to be done to allow the baby to be as happy as possible. Therefore, decorating the baby’s room is one of the very important tasks for every family that is about to get another member. Feng Shui can be very helpful here. It can allow your baby to grow and develop more easily and pleasantly and it can also give you some pretty good ideas about the interior decoration of its room. Just look at some of the main Feng Shui principles and try putting it into good use for the baby’s room.

Feng Shui baby room


Having a Solid Background

Among the most important principles of Feng Shui is the fact that something strong and solid has to be behind you in order for you to have strength and success. In offices and other rooms, that is usually a picture of a mountain, a strong wooden backrest or something similar. Therefore, your baby will need something like that as well. This means that you need to make sure that the baby’s bed or bassinet should be against a wall or something similar. This will provide your baby with support.

Allowing Free Energy Flow

Another important rule of Feng Shui interior decorating is allowing for the energy to flow freely throughout the room without being blocked. Any disruption of that flow can cause your baby to be nervous and lacking in much needed rest. You should make a Bagua map of the room and in this way organize the furniture in your baby’s room so that it allows it to prosper, be active and get rest, all in the same room. These maps are easy to find and use. With this in consideration, make sure that baby’s head is never under the window or pointing the doors.

Cleansing the Space

In order to give your baby a fresh start in life, make sure that the room is cleaned both spiritually and physically. Do your best work with cleaning baby’s room and remove all electrical appliances, clutter, sharp objects and everything else the disturbs the energy, smudges it or leaves some unwanted traces behind. Your baby deserves a fresh and clean room to fill it with healthy Chi and allow it for it to prosper.


Whatever you do, you need to resist the urge to decorate the room with all you have. There are so many colorful patterns and wallpapers. All those baby toys galore with screaming and vivid colors. You just want them all for your baby. Resist that urge, because it will make your baby’s room a cluttered space that will make it nervous and it will have troubles sleeping. Use pastel colors and if you want to decorate, do something yourself. That will introduce good energy and creativity in baby’s room. Make a lovely, discreet and harmonious pattern made of tiles on the wall or something similar.

There are tips galore on how to use Feng Shui for your baby’s room and all rooms in general. These are just some of the basic principles that can be implemented for your baby to have all the best conditions to start a happy life.

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