Reasons Why Good Landscaping Can Actually Protect Your Home And Family

When people consider protecting their home, they might automatically think of alarm or security systems. But, homeowners might be surprised to learn that landscaping can actually act as a protector for your home and family. There are several ways that landscaping can provide added protection for your family and one of your biggest investments.

good landscaping ideas


Light your way to safety

Lighting provides not only beauty, but protection. Accent lighting can add drama to your home but can also act as a deterrent for a criminal looking for a home to target. Combining accent and flood lights with motion sensors can add a layer of protection. This also helps keep family and friends safe when they are outside after dark.

Be careful with tree height and placement

Homeowners are often attracted to tall, mature trees. However, having tall, thick trees too close to your home might isn’t always the safest thing. Thick brush near the home could hide a burglar from passersby. Tall trees can even provide assistance for the intruder to reach the second floor. Be sure to leave adequate spacing between trees if you plant them close to your home. This is also true to protect your home during inclement weather. Having trees too close to the home can cause damage to your windows during wind, and can also damage your roof if they are tall enough.

Keep the lawn neat and well-manicured

In addition to beauty, a well-manicured lawn sends a message to a would-be intruder. A well-manicured lawn lets a potential burglar know that someone is attentive, whether it is the homeowner or a lawn care service. Lawns that have overgrown weeds and plants that aren’t taken care of gives the impression that the house is unoccupied or rarely visited. In addition, keep the clutter away, like toys, boxes and trash. It’s important that you have a well organized yard.

Reconsider privacy fencing

A privacy fence can provide protection for years to come. Be sure that it is a sturdy fence with locks that can’t be tampered with easily. It can also boost the value of your home with a color and texture that compliments the home. If a homeowner utilizes a privacy fence, adding motion lights and sensors might be a good idea to increase security. The right fencing will keep people out of your yard, as well as unwanted wandering pets that could be a danger to young children.

Keep Pests away

Having lots of clutter and wood piles near the home makes a great place for unwanted pests to thrive. Everything from mice to termites can gather near your home due to poor care of the yard, and give them easier access to your home. Contact a professional if there is a problem, and keep your yard organized and free of clutter to prevent future problems.

With just a few extra steps, landscaping can provide added security and protection for your family and your home. These tips will get you started to having a safer home that looks great too.

Informational credit to ICE Pest Control and Wildlife Removal.

Erin Emanuel