Great Backyard Improvement Projects for Spring

If you have a home, summer offers many opportunities to spend days and evenings outdoor with family and friends. You can use your backyard to provide a number of amenities that will make your leisure time and get-togethers more enjoyable. Here are four projects anyone can do to enhance their outdoor fun during the warm months.


Create A Fire Pit


Fire pits are easy to construct and can provide hours of fun on summer evenings, with roasting s’mores, telling stories and simply enjoying the summer night. Your fire pit project begins with a 12-inch trench dug into the ground. The trench is then lined with six inches of gravel to allow drainage and provide stability for the fire pit’s walls. A thick steel ring encircling the pit will protect the concrete blocks from the heat. The concrete blocks are then arranged end-to-end in the trench, ensuring that it is level at all points around the circle.

Get a Gazebo

A backyard gazebo is an enticing area to sit and relax among the greenery or have a cold lemonade. You can buy gazebo kits, like those offered by Allweather Wood, for easy assembly and stability. Gazebos come in all sorts of shapes and sizes lately, so they’re perfect for any backyard. These provide excellent gathering spaces, which is very useful for backyards without decks or patios.
A gazebo can be customized to match the interior design scheme of your home. Applying paint or stain will help create a complementary color effect and adding climbing plants or curtains to the inside of a gazebo will make it look more lived-in and decorative.

Construct a Hammock Swing

You don’t have to have two well-placed trees in your backyard to enjoy a relaxing day lying in the hammock. You can construct a simple hammock stand out of 2 x 4” lengths, galvanized screws to connect the lengths and two hook screws for the hammock. Adjust the length of the stand to the size of your hammock. You can now suspend your choice of hammock across the stand and enjoy your portable, inexpensive, DIY hammock setup. ‘

Build a Mini-Greenhouse

Expand your gardening skills with a DIY greenhouse made from reclaimed old windows. Windows can be found at a variety of scrap yards, landfills and construction reclamation centers in your community. Give your greenhouse a gravel or cinder block base to allow stability for the structure. The frame is constructed with 2 x 6-inch lumber, held together with 3/8-inch bolts. Screw windows securely onto the framework. In cold climates, you can use strand board instead of glass to protect plants from icy winds in winter.

Backyard projects you begin today will bring rich rewards when the warmer weather arrives. Spring is the perfect time to start all the outdoor improvements and DIY project which will make the summer something to remember. With a little time and a few materials, you can be ready for neighborhood parties and fun with the kids that will create wonderful springtime memories for a lifetime.

Erin Emanuel