What to Do With Your Garage: Three Great Ideas

Some homeowners are fortunate enough to have a double or triple garage. Others decide that their garage would be better used to expand their living area, and choose to park the car outside in exchange for getting approximately 400 additional square feet of space in their homes. Got a garage that you don’t know what to do with? You have so many options. Here are three of them:


1. Turn your garage into a man cave.

The garage is a great place to put your man and his friends (or your teenager and his friends). First, it’s a utilitarian and non-frilly area, so it might appeal to his masculine side. Second, it’s set away from the house a bit, so you won’t be bothered (as much) by loud exclamations when watching a football game or defeating zombies on the Xbox. You could put down garage flooring or just leave the concrete as is. Throw a couple of old couches, some beanbag chairs, a throw rug and a small fridge for snacks and beer or soda, and you’ve got yourself a man cave that your husband, partner or son will love.

2. Convert your garage into a party spot.

Do you like to host a lot of gatherings? If not, do you want to start doing so? Your garage can be transformed into a great party place with just a few simple modifications. Make is as simple or as complicated as you want. Checkerboard garage flooring, a bar with barstools and a television can turn your garage into the perfect spot for your friends to hang out, shoot the breeze, have a few drinks and watch the game. If you like to dance, you could even put in a dance floor. Even a few simple changes, like setting up a pool table or some tables and chairs for buffet-style dining can give you a good amount of space to spread out in when you have guests over. An old arcade game, neon lights and some surround-sound speakers will offer the little touches that your guests will love.

3. Get the home office you’ve always wanted.

Don’t have room for a home office? No problem, if you have a garage that you can convert! Put down some flooring, paint the walls and hang up some artwork. Bring in a desk, filing cabinets and a few shelves, and you’ve got a spot to work without being in the thick of whatever is going on in the living room or den. The relative quiet of the garage means that you won’t be distracted by kids watching television, and you won’t be immediately available for playing twenty questions, so this could really help you be more productive in your work-away-from-work.

Depending on the climate where you live, you will likely need to account for heating and/or air conditioning; freestanding or window units, respectively, might work if it’s neither very hot nor very cold where you live. You may also decide to finish off the garage by removing the garage door and putting up a real wall, or you might choose to leave it as is for easy conversion back to a place to store your vehicle. Consult with a licensed contractor to find out more about how to weatherproof and finish off the space if that’s an option that you would like pursue.


Desmond Ross  www.dreamgaragemakeovers.com. Desmond is the owner of Dream Garage Makeovers by Auto Details and serves the greater Edmonton, AB area. Dream Garage Makeovers specializes in custom garage system installing and garage organization.

Erin Emanuel