Green Updates for your Home

With all the talk out there about ways to be more environmentally friendly, a lot of people, for different reasons, are looking into ways to make changes in their lives. Some do it to leave less of a footprint on the world, while others know that some ways can actually save them money. There are so many different ways to be Eco friendly ranging from small to large! No matter what your reason, don’t overlook the fact that updates can actually be done to your home to make it more green as well. Below are some Eco updates you can try out on your house or yard, some big and some small, that the planet and your wallet will thank you for!

Green Home


Replacement Windows

If your home has older, drafty windows, you could practically be throwing money out of them. For both your sake and the environment, you should be trying to keep your energy bill down. Heating and cooling could be slipping right out of cracks and the sealing if you aren’t careful.

Although everything has an upside and a down side, it’s worth taking into consideration that vinyl windows can go much longer without needing to be replaced, which equals less cash spent and less materials used.

Composite Decking

Whether putting in a brand new deck, or replacing an old one, you probably already know how you want your deck to look in order to stand out. But to be more green as well, look into using composite decking instead of a more traditional material. This kind of lumber is made up of a mix of wood, plastic, and a binding agent. If you are wondering how this could be a green alternative, let it be known this kind of decking usually uses recycled plastic and waste wood.

Ultimately composite decking costs more, but in the long run it holds up well and requires very little maintenance. It comes straight from the manufacturer without needing to be sanded or stained.

On the downside, composite decking can have a plastic, artificial, and shiny look. Additionally, some argue it is still better for the environment to use 100% pure wood decking. Before you make a final decision do some research and weigh your options. 

Shade Trees

You don’t need to do all the work on your own, mother nature has got some ways to help you out! The same way you use shade from a tree to cool off, your house can too. It’s not a surprise that trees are great for the world, they give us oxygen, but they can do more than just that to assist you. They can also cut energy costs, which helps the environment and your wallet.

Obviously in the summer a good plant can provide shade to your home and cool it naturally, allowing your air conditioner to not work as hard. It may be surprising, however, that a tree can help in the winter as well, by blocking cool winds and all year long fight to prevent soil erosion.

Plant trees that grow full and leafy to the east and west of your home.

Smaller, Easier Updates That Still Make a Difference

Not all environmental friendly updates to your home have to be pricey or complicated. Sometimes, especially when just starting to make the switch, it is better to start small. Here are a couple changes you can make:

Update Bulbs

This is one improvement that requires nothing but a quick trip to any local store and the turn of a wrist. If you find the light bulbs in your house starting to die out and are in need of replacement, don’t just get the same old kind. Now they make easy to find, energy efficient light bulbs. These bulbs work in a way, unlike older light bulbs, that they can produce light without having to build up as much heat or energy.

Rain Barrel

You could be wasting a chance to be Eco friendly every time it rains! All you need to do is simply start putting a rain barrel to good use! These collect rainwater runoff and store it to allow for usage later. This way you can use less of the water from main lines. Before trying this one out check what laws your state has about such things. Some places, like Colorado, have strict rules in regards to water collection.

About the Author:

Randy Dunn is the owner of Dunn Construction, servicing Mechanicsville, Virginia. Randy has been providing quality exterior siding replacement and gutter guards for the surrounding area of Varina since 1960. You can check out them out at HR Dunn Construction.

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