Guest Room: Everything You Need to Make it Work 24/7

A guest room that is used in a home will make visitors feel welcome when they arrive after a long journey, and make you feel more prepared as a host. Having an extra room where guests can stay offers both privacy and comfort for family and friends. To ensure the space is also functional when it’s not occupied, there are a few ways of making it useful for residents throughout the year.


Use a Daybed

A daybed is one of the most useful furniture pieces in guest rooms that can be used for both visitors and residents. Daybeds make great couches or sofas to lounge on while spending time in the room, and can also be used as a bed to sleep in at night. If more than one visitor is staying in the room, a trundle bed can be used underneath to ensure one of the guests doesn’t end up on the floor.

Add a Deskguest-room

Adding a desk to your guest room will not only allow each visitor to get work done or write a letter home, but it will also make for a functional space when the room is not in use. The room can easily be used as both an office and guest room to make sure it serves more than one purpose in the home.


Use a Cleaning Service

Keep the room clean throughout the week to have it ready for a guest who decides to stop by at the last minute. Using a professional cleaning service like Grimebusters Ltd, will keep the room tidy and free of dust-mites, allergens, or mold that can develop when it’s not used consistently. Have a St. Albert carpet cleaning company come by every few months to keep the carpets free of germs as well. It will also allow the guest to unwind and feel comfortable if the space is maintained well each week.

Create Extra Storage Options

Instead of leaving the closet empty in the guest room, make use of the extra space by installing shelves or cubbies that can hold holiday decorations, wrapping paper, or seasonal clothing. It will free up extra room in the rest of the home, and will likely not need to be used by any guests who come to visit for a short time.

Decorate with Wallpaper

Many home-owners fail to decorate a guest room because it’s often not used consistently in the home. This can make it a bland environment that offers a minimal amount of color. To make it more inviting and modern, add wallpaper on an accent wall for an incredible way of creating a lively and bold environment with an oversized pattern. Guests will immediately be impressed with the print that is used and it will make the room easier to use for residents who want to spend time in the space.

Instead of neglecting a guest room that is only used periodically, it’s possible to enhance the space and allow it to remain functional for both visitors and residents. By adding specific pieces of furniture and making use of unused space, it’s possible to enjoy the room even when it’s not occupied.

Erin Emanuel