Things to Consider Before Buying a New Door for Your Home

So you want to buy a new front door for your home? There are many reasons to buy a new front door for your home such as to give your home a new look with an interestingly designed door or by using a door to add a pop of color to make your home more welcoming with a brightly colored door.  As your front door is one of the first things your guests will see when they enter your home and is something you yourself will see multiple times throughout the day choosing the right door to fit the style of your home, your own unique personality, and of course this new door has to fit the space and your budget is essential and should be considered thoroughly.

front door for your home


  • First you will want to choose a front doors for houses  that matches the style of your home, though of course you are not limited only to the traditional style that your home showcases.  For example if you have a colonial home you will want to look for a door that fits into the colonial style.  You will know if it fits this particular style by doing a little research first.  And no I’m not talking about any boring research from your college days, I’m talking about sifting through amazing photographs of homes and architecture.  You can do this at your local library and look at pictures of a colonial home and look at what doors in particular are usually used and get ideas from there.  Or if you are technologically savvy you may simply google Colonial homes and print out pictures of your homes style to take with you when you go shopping.  This same idea goes for any house’s style be it victorian, traditional, modern, or country.
  • Second, while you want the door to fit the style of your home it is important that it fits your unique personality and is a door you will love to see everyday when you walk in and out of your house.  For example if your style is more eclectic and you have a Victorian style home you can find out from your research that stained glass was popular in this period style, so you could add your personally by designing your own stain glass design with maybe a pop of interesting and fun colors that will splash light beautifully into your home each day when the sun hits it.  You could also design a whimsical pattern onto your sting glass that will have everyone talking!  Or if you have a traditional home a fun and inviting way to make your front door your own would be to stick with the traditional style and paint it a bright welcoming color such as red or blue!  A red door is a popular but a still fun and unique way of making your home pop.
  • Well now that your door fits the style of your home and is uniquely you, you have to concentrate on the logistics of your door before going shopping such as measuring the current door and writing down these measurements so that your new door will actually fit into your home.  Another decision as this effects the design inside your front entryway is to decide whether you want your door to open into the home or outside.  Everyone has a different preference but its important to remember that if it opens inside there can be no decorations or furniture blocking the door being able to open as you will at some point want to open the door as wide as possible to get large objects or just yourself with two hands filled with grocery bags through the doorway easily and comfortably.
  • Finally you must consider your budget.  How much do you have saved up to buy this gorgeous new front door?  And how much are you even willing to spend on it?  Your best bet is to go to a few different stores and check their inventory of doors and compare prices to make sure you are getting the best deal possible.  Another option if you are on a tighter budget is to check different websites that carry front doors at wholesale prices so that you can get the door of your dreams without breaking the bank.  If you are handy you can also get a cheaper door and stain or paint the door yourself to cut costs.Who knew there were so many details that go into picking out the perfect front door!

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  1. Great points! I have always wanted a wooden vintage looking door but it probably would look hideous now that I think about what the rest of my house looks like. LOL I am glad someone brought that to my attention. Thanks for all this great information!!

  2. Wow! Awesome tips! My husband and I have been thinking of replacing our entry door and we’ve heard Pella, Anderson, and Champion are good. Our friends got their patio doors from Champion Windows & Doors Chicago and found them to be pretty decent. Your tips will surely come in handy when we shop around. Thank you!

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