A Guide on Choosing Window Treatment

Most homeowners think window treatment is like the icing on the cake, but it is like the ingredient used in the cake. Do you think when it comes to adorning your place, it is possible without giving proper treatment to your windows? For us and almost all experts and professionals, it is not.

Many times treating your windows is not an easy task for homeowners. They look for an expert guide to give a modern, stylish, or fancy look to them. So this is why here we have shared the top five tips to dress windows like a pro.


WINDOW TREATMENT1.    Choose a Treatment Type

You are excused if you are not aware of the difference between curtains and drapes. Here are the types you should know before shopping for window treatments:

Curtains: They offer a relaxed style and typically drop below a windowsill. Most curtains are made up of light fabric that is easily moveable. Most people prefer to go for the sun-blocking curtains.

Drapes: Window drapes are floor-length fabric panels. To hand them, you need to adjust a rod to the wall in order to create a formal look.

Blinds: Blinds have become the most popular choice among homeowners. Blinds are easy to install as they need a frame at the top to attach the blind and also have a lifting mechanism. However, instead of fabric lovers or hard slats also used to make blinds that are easy to tilt to let the sunlight in. One can find blinds in an array of styles and materials, such as plastic, aluminum, bamboo, wood, or vinyl. To get affordable blinds in any style, color, and material, visit this page AffordableBlinds.com

Shades: Shades made of fabric and also need a rod to attach them. They also have a lifting mechanism to raise the shade up in order to let the light in. And when you raise the shade, it rolls around the rod neatly.

2.    Things to Look Before Investing

1.     Choose Length Based on Style and Function

Before deciding the length, make sure to find how often you will be closing or opening the treatments. Once you have determined the function, you can easily decide on the length. Find out if you are only installing blinds, shades, or curtains to block light, or you want to give a fancy and stylish treatment to the window. Invest in treatments after determining the purpose.

2.     Talk to Architect Before Installing Blinds

When it comes to installing blinds, there are many things that need to be considered. For instance, the shape of a space is what most of you overlook. Ask your architecture to find out the right size and types of blinds you can install for a perfect window treatment.

Blinds are affordable and best for the places where you need to block the light in the day time or want to let the evening light in. And if you go for thick slatted louvers that allow the beautiful light shadows to fall across the surface of the room.

3.     Don’t Go for Different Looks

While one may not want every room to look the same, but it is important for a space to feel cohesive. You can play up and down to give a similar treatment throughout your home. You can choose the color instead of changing the treatment types.

Erin Emanuel