Guide To Making Green Trade Shows

When it comes to revving up your business, nothing can beat trade shows. Not only will you be able to mingle with potential clients but you can also rub elbows with some of the experts in the field. You can even strike it big and link up with huge corporations and land a sweet deal. But in order for you to capture the eye of a regular consumer all the way to that of a successful manager, your exhibit has to stand out. But how can you compromise being environmentally friendly but still having an exhibit that can turn heads?Green Trade Shows

Recycle One of the Rs which every green enthusiast should practice, recycling is not just a way to pay homage to mother nature but it’s also a great way to become cost-effective especially since the entire idea of recycling is that you’re extending the life of materials which would otherwise be thrown into the dump. Instead of buying a new booth, consider buying a used one or save up the skeleton of the booth you’ve recently used and only update the exteriors. It wouldn’t hurt too if you support exhibit houses which reuse old booths for other clients or try to float the idea to the management of your exhibit house.

Save Energy With all of those bright lights and rotating gizmos, a trade show may run for just a couple of days but the energy bill can rack up significantly in such a short amount of time. When you plan for your next trade show exhibit, make sure that you introduce the idea of switching from halogen and incandescent lights to LEDs and fluorescents. And when the people are gone, make it a point to also turn off your displays.

If you’re interested in lessening your carbon footprint, then here are ways that you can begin greening your smash hit displays:

When it comes to transportation costs, you can actually save much more if you make use of the resources found in the city where the trade show is done. Instead of transporting paraphernalia, what you can do instead is have an electronic copy and just print these communications when you are in the actual city. Finally, have regional reps man the booth instead of flying in people from the central office to the trade show venue. If not, make use of technology and telecommute or use simple video or Web conferences.

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