Gun Cabinets – Style and Security in One

Anyone who owns guns knows that it is their own responsibility to look after them and keep them safe. It is very important that they are appropriately stored in your home; one of the most popular ways of doing this is in specifically designed gun cabinets.

Gun cabinets are available in a variety of different shapes, sizes and made from different materials, although they are generally constructed from wood, with a glass-fronted door. This allows the guns to be on display, and is the primary difference between a gun cabinet and a gun safe.

Below is a guide to some of fantastic ways in which gun cabinets embody both style and security in one.


 A gun cabinet illuminated at night


Safety First

One of the biggest advantages of gun cabinets is that they ensure the safe storage of your guns. This is not only important for if thieves break into your home, but it is also important for protecting your family. Children are always touching things they shouldn’t be, and an accident with a gun could result in death.

Gun cabinets are a great way of ensuring your families’ safety comes first. They are normally securely bolted to a wall or the ground, and also have a lock on the door itself.

Beautiful Display

Gun cabinets can be incredibly stylish additions to your home. These cabinets are usually created with intricate and detailed designs carved into the wood, which make for a beautiful piece of furniture, which can really add a lot to your home.

They are also made with a glass front, allowing you to display your gun collection. This is a great talking point when guests come round, and the cabinet can become the centrepiece of any room in your home as a result of its relatively unusual nature.

Easy and Quick Access

Another benefit of the stylish yet completely secure gun cabinet is that it allows you quick and easy access to your gun collection. Instead of having to fumble around with a safe that is hidden somewhere in your basement, you can quickly unlock the cabinet and reach your guns with little fuss.

Secure Lock

Gun cabinets can come with a variety of different locks depending on the cabinet style and size you choose. You can also have extra locks installed should you wish, as this will provide even more security.

Gun cabinets definitely embody both style and security, as they are difficult to break into. When once they were easier, as a result of the glass door, modern gun cabinets are now installed with reinforced glass, resulting in the same amount of style, but with extra toughness.




A wooden gun cabinet

Lots of Room

Finally, gun cabinets are ideal if you have more than one weapon. While small boxes are great for storing a single handgun, if you have rifles, larger guns, or even numerous small guns then a gun cabinet is the perfect place to store them all together.

Gun cabinets are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes, so you can find the perfect one for you. Of course, you also need to remember how much room you have in your home, as you don’t want to find you have nowhere to put it!


Gun cabinets are a fantastic storage solution for your guns, visit to see a range of available cabinets. They are the perfect combination of creative style and top notch security, resulting in a beautiful piece of furniture that is completely safe and secure.

Erin Emanuel