4 Exciting Halloween Home Decor and Furniture Ideas

Halloween is less than a month away now, which means you have plenty of time to decide whether you’d trick or treat Mr. Jack-o-lantern. But sadly, you don’t have enough time to think how you are going to decorate your dining room.

Don’t worry, I am here to help you. Whether it’s a creepy ice bucket that pops open and a skeleton hand comes out or a “Poison” tagged Martini glass, I can help you generate some spooky Halloween dining room ideas.

Let’s not waste time. Here are the ideas:

Graveyard dining room

halloween-dining-room-ideasHow about turning your dining room into a graveyard? Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Your dinner guests will surely like it. To keep it simple, buy some artificial grass patches and lay them on the floor. Put foam-board tombstones on the patch.

You can build cemetery fences yourself. Materials you are going to need are PVC pipes, wood rods, black paint, strong glue and strings. Create two fences, place them approximately 2 yards from the dinner table, as if they are doors leading to the table.

Use card stock, fence edge punch and normal paper bags. Keep the bottom of the bag intact and cut its top portion off. Then put the fence punch around the edges of the top. Carve tombstone shapes out of the cardstock and put them into the bag. To make it more exciting, write the names of the guests on the tombstones.

Addams family

They say at the Addams Family House, every night is halloween night. This Halloween, you can surprise your guests by turning your home into the cursed Addams family mansion.

You must be having family members, who are tall. Pick the one, who’s tallest and tell him to play Lurch. Select someone short from your family or extended family for playing Uncle Fester. Your kids can be Pugsley and Wednesday, and you and your spouse can be Gomez and Morticia.

Put phony spiders on the floor, and some on the dining table. Use an LED fixture that hangs from the ceiling above the dining table. Decorate the fixture with a large plastic chain and stick some spiders to it.

Thing can be made of plastic, rubberwood, copper, brass and many other materials. You can buy one that features a victorian design and a key on the top. I’m pretty sure your guests would be impressed seeing it.

A creepy centerpiece

The centerpiece captures the attention of the guests. Make it look creepy. You can put a deliberately ripped large piece of quilt batting at the center of the table. It’ll look like a makeshift spider web. Put an LED skull light and two LED Halloween lanterns on the centerpiece. If you are weary of spiders, Put some fake plastic-made blood-drenched fingers on the table, and around the dinner plates.

Halloween dinner plates and napkins are available in the market. Google “dinner plates Halloween” and “napkin Halloween” and skim through the results that the Search giant lays out. Purchase those, which you find affordable. The plates and napkins have skeletons, owls, haunted houses and shadows engraved on them.

Halloween furniture

Assuming money is not a constraint for you, I suggest you to buy some Halloween furniture. Don’t go for quantity, go for quality instead. Don’t buy a vintage canopy that looks creepy unless you have kids, who can’t walk. Mirrors have become a passe, so don’t buy one. Buy an ouija board table or a skull chair, or a steampunk bed. The furniture will be in use even after the Halloween.

For all those out there who want to have fun, buying Halloween furniture is a good investment. You can even go for DIY halloween decor and furniture if you want to save cost.

Halloween lighting

You can bring the feel of Halloween simply by doing some lighting tricks. Don’t go for anything expensive, go for the old-school pumpkin lighting and place the pumpkins on the path leading to your door. If your backyard is spacious enough, turn it into a graveyard with mystic bluish light and artificial tombstones.

Color contrast is essential in bringing an eerie feel. Red, purple green, white and blue lighting can help you bring this feel. Purchase a fog machine to make artificial fog. A fog machine can be as cheap as $5. The fog made by it can add to the spooky feel; visitors will enjoy it in the dark blue lit entrance of your home.

Be imaginative

On top of everything, you need to be imaginative. And never hesitate to experiment with ideas. For example, black color dining chairs are common on the Halloween night. But you can put white dining chair if you can compensate it in other ways. So use your imagination, and have the scariest Halloween ever this year.

Erin Emanuel