Halloween Your Home

Halloween is a wonderfully colorful time of the year. Autumnal leaves are falling giving the surroundings a beautiful orange, brown and mustard theme and it allows kids and adults alike to add even more color with some amazing costumes!

While children adore Halloween because it brings with it so much fun and of course candy, it’s a time for the adults to exercise some caution as to the dangers that can go with the holiday. That’s why it’s important for adults and parents to plan in advance in terms of their decorations and trick or treating.

Communities need to keep in mind those that are vulnerable at this time: the elderly, animals, and those living alone. It can be a time to strike real fear into those people. Communities should try to come together to develop a plan of action that will ensure that everyone in the area enjoys and happy and fun filled Halloween holiday.

This infographic from HalfPrice.com.au highlights things to remember this Halloween holiday period. It shows some tips on getting the community involved, gives ideas on decorating your home and also some tips on carving your pumpkin…check it out!


Erin Emanuel