Handyman 101 – What To Know About Home Repairs

For those homeowners who prefer to tackle their own home repairs, DIY projects will prove to save money, increase the home’s overall value, and give the homeowner a true sense of satisfaction. For those eager to become their own handyman, there are a few fundamental rules to follow which will ensure that ever DIY project goes smoothly.


Organize Your Tools

Whether you have a complete workshop or a small toolbox in the hall closet, keeping tools organized is an absolute must. A simple project that should only take minutes will easily consume an afternoon when the proper tools aren’t within arm’s reach.

Cleaning up after a project is generally where the disorganization begins. When the novelty of home repair has worn off and you simply want to relax, it’s easy to put the tools in a corner and forget about them. When you’re finished for the day, put your tools back where they belong, coil your extension cords, and fold your drop cloths. A few minutes spent cleaning up will save you hours of wasted time down the road.


One Project At A Time

A good handyman understands that multi-tasking is limited to the tasks that you’re performing during a particular project. It doesn’t mean tackling more than one project at a time. When you’re easily distracted, it’s not uncommon to move from one project to the next, and this is the reason that many to-do lists never get any smaller.

Create a master list of projects and prioritize the list. Tackle each DIY project based on its importance and your available time. If you begin to feel boredom or frustration setting in, walk away and regroup. Don’t start another project. Once you’ve lost momentum it’s very difficult to get it back. Leaving projects unfinished means forgetting or skipping important steps which will result in a poor home repair.

Know When To Call A Professional

It’s not difficult for DIY enthusiasts to get in over their heads. This is especially true for unfamiliar home repairs. Time sensitive projects like plumbing and electrical work can easily overwhelm any homeowner. It’s important to remember that when you remove a toilet you will have to reinstall it the same day. If there is any question about your ability to complete a repair safely and within a manageable time frame, consider calling a professional.

Taking on home repairs in an effort to save money makes perfect sense. Only tackle projects that are within the scope of your ability. When you have to call a professional to clean up your mess, a simple repair can turn into a major headache.

Tricia is a mom and a blogger who lives in Beverly Hills. There’s not much more to her than that! She recommends Harrison Appliance Repair for all your appliance repairs you can’t do yourself.

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