Become a Happy Homeowner: Five Benefits To Designing Your Own Home Rather Than Buying

Nothing defines your personal style as much as your home, especially when you can design it yourself.  If you’ve always longed to design your own home, but are still undecided, here are five benefits that you’ll want to keep in mind:

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You Decide the Placement of Your Home

Your home’s lot may be next to a relaxing stream or lookout over a spectacular view. When you are designing your home, you can work with your builder to determine the best placement of the house to take advantage of whatever features you wish. Placing windows in certain areas of the home will help give you a better view, and have privacy from neighbours.

You Can Define Your Home’s Style

Whether you want a ranch style or a Tudor, when you design your home, you can break out of any mold and incorporate the little touches that will define your home’s unique personality. It may be the placement of the front door or adding an arched window. Whatever you wish to do, as the designer, you can truly make it one of a kind.

You Are Able to Include Custom Rooms

By designing your own space, you can include custom rooms, such as a wine cellar, home theatre, or fitness center built to your satisfaction. You can build it where you want it and with all the components it may need already installed. An experienced home-builder can take your design and create a space that works with your family’s needs and lifestyle, suggests professionals who specialize in building custom homes in Calgary at Sartori Custom Homes. Custom rooms, even for exercise or sewing, need more than what a typical room size offers, making it harder to customize later. Having built in shelves or a different shape of room built with your new home will give you everything you need.

Everything is Built to Your Specifications

Everything comes in standard dimensions when you buy a house. By designing your home, you can make the dimensions fit your specifications, such as making counter-tops higher or cabinetry wider or narrower to create the perfect fit for specific appliances. You can build an entertainment center around the TV you love, and create hidden storage space for your needs. Adding more storage or changing specific sizes for different things around the house are not easy to do at a later time after buying a home.

You Can Choose Colors, Materials, and Fixtures

When you design your new home, you choose all the interior colors, materials, and fixtures. These decisions play a major role in making your new home match your personality. Whether you prefer natural materials, such as stone or wood, or you’re more contemporary with high gloss or metal finishes, all the details of your home are yours to make. Having these details changed in a new home came be an expensive and daunting task. Often times, the look are you going for won’t fit with the current items in your home or the floor plan.


Although you can often find a home to buy that fits your needs, designing your own will give you everything you need and want for your family. One of the best benefits you’ll receive is the joy you’ll have from creating a home that reflects your personal style, fits your needs, and gives you comfort for years to come.

Erin Emanuel


  1. Great post! Thank you for helping me understand the benefits of designing my home instead of buying one. I like how you said that ” One of the best benefits you’ll receive is the joy you’ll have from creating a home that reflects your personal style, fits your needs, and gives you comfort for years to come.” My parents designed and built the house that we live in right now and it has really helped us to come closer as a family over the years.

  2. Thanks for this helpful post on the benefits of designing your own home. I have always had a dream of building my own home to retire in, but it seems like it is so hard to do these days. I really just like the idea of having my own style implemented into my entire home. I also like the idea of choosing all of the colors and style of my home. Thanks for the help!

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