New Trends in Hardscaping for 2014

Just like fashion trends come and go, the same can be said when it comes to the look of your home. Every year new ideas start to circulate in the world of landscaping. You can use these ideas to upgrade your home, with beautiful results! You won’t be sorry, especially when the additions increase your use of the space as well as your property value. Adding pavement of any kind and creating a hardscape at home requires planning, so go ahead and check out these big trends for the coming year:



Outdoor Living

In recent years the rise in outdoor living spaces has been a big boom! More and more people want to be able to enjoy their backyards, no matter the season. This requires the assistance of a hardscape plan, and a good paver to execute it. Outdoor fireplaces, living rooms, and kitchens, have all become big requests, as well as pool decks. This is one kind of project that should definitely be left up to the professionals, but it will be well worth it! You will get double the amount of use out of your backyard once it becomes a comfortable place to get back.


Bigger is Better

As a result of this new popularity of installing indoor spaces outside, hardscapes and the materials being used are going to need to be bigger. So when thinking about a fashionable update, look for pavers that are bigger, since covering a large area with a ton of small pavers will be very busy for the eye. Pick out wider slabs of slate or bigger stones so that the materials will look more in proportionate with your new hardscape. These larger scale pavement materials also look nice because they look more natural.

Green Updates

In this case, the word green in reference to your garden doesn’t mean the grass! Being Eco-friendly is a cause that a lot of people have taken up recently, and changes and updates can actually be made to make your backyard project better for the environment. Customers are requesting porous, permeable pavers, that allow water to flow through them and into the soil below. People are also turning to recycled materials and more natural options for asphalt sealing to make a difference.

Contrasting Colors

If you want to make your new hardscape more visually interesting, then think about purchasing paving materials this year in colors that contrast attractively with the color of your home or other property features, like a fence. If your home plays up warm colors like red or yellow, offset it with cool colored slate when putting in a walkway or patio area. On the opposite end, if you feature a lot of cool colors already like black, grey, or blue, consider doing a hardscape in reddish brick. It is not just trendy this year, but will forever add a standout and pleasant look to your home and helps to get rid of the urge to make every single detail of your home match, which can look like boring overkill.

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