Celebrate the season around a delectably decorated harvest table

The harvest season is celebrated in autumn, and it’s the perfect time of the year to organize a festive dinner party for family and friends. Decorate your table with earthy colors, include traditional accessories, and set up the mood with delectable linens and placemats. Include beautiful vases, candles, and flowers, and use pumpkins and rosehips to add originality and celebrate the season in style. Here are some more ideas you can use to decorate a harvest table.

harvest table


Table linens, napkins, and placemats

The harvest season is characterized by earthy colors of brown, orange, and green. Keep that in mind when purchasing linens for your festive table. Choose cotton and bamboo materials because they’re durable, and for placemats and napkins you are advised to switch things a bit and go for more exclusive materials like silk and Egyptian cotton blends. Mix and match linens with placemats, or combine warm colors with striking influences to add some originality to your table. Make guests feel special and include pretty rolled napkins. Tie each napkin with a colorful ribbon and opt for printed linens, embossed designs, or velvet embellishments.

Pumpkin centerpiece

The centerpiece of a harvest table is the pumpkin. This native plant is specific to the US, and it is used in all kinds of combinations to make delicious recipes. It can also be used for decor. Place a white pumpkin on a glass serving for some extra elegance on your dining table. Adorn it with acorns and spread beautiful candles on the table to let guests enjoy the fruitful menu you have prepared for them.

A pretty pumpkin setting will add innovation and ingenuity to your harvest table. Mix tiny pumpkins with dry autumn leaf and ribbons, and create the most incredible decor. If you’re using a lot of color, you should opt for nude shades for the linens. Stick to beige or light brown, and focus your attention on table accessories and creatively cut pumpkins.

decorate harvest dinner table

Bowls and flower arrangements

Set up a festive harvest table and include overflowing flower arrangements. Add tones of yellow, burgundy, and yellow. Fill a beautiful serving bowl with floral foam and place a mix of berries and blossoms on top. Widen the color palette and adorn arrangements with miniature calla lilies, roses, alstroemeria, cockscomb, and bittersweet berries.  If you don’t have access to flowers or you just can’t afford to buy them, you can always purchase beautiful table linens with pattered flowers and suggestive harvest designs.

Special decorations for your harvest dinner table

Table linens, placemats, and napkins are basic elements for a festive dinner table. To celebrate the harvest season, special color combos of brown and orange are essential. Furthermore, additional accessories are required to make your guests feel special. Here are some original ideas you can take into consideration:

  • Harvest menu – it’s nice to let guests know what’s on the menu. Should they expect something simple, or will they have to empty their bellies and prepare for the most sophisticated and delicious 3-course menu?
  • Grass table decor – centerpieces should inspire your harvest table. If you’re not adding pumpkins, tall vases with maiden grass will certainly seem appealing
  • Sophisticated accents – created an updated cornucopia and place nuts, fresh leaves, and pears into a rattan bowl. Use fall leaves and earthy color combos to accentuate the harvest.
  • Acorn napkin ring – acorns are more like ideal table accessories for a harvest table. Make napkin rings from acorns and give your table a romantic fall allure.
  • Wrapped wine – use a deep purple band (other earthy colors are also accepted) and wrap your favorite bottle of wine with it. Tie it with a cord or ribbon and give it a harvest accent by gluing wheatears on the bottle.

celebrate harvest season

Celebrate the harvest season in style and decorate your table in the most stylish and original way possible. Combine smart colors of brown, burgundy, orange, and green with lighter tones of beige and pastels to make the decor modish and elegant for family and friends. As for the table linens, invest in high-quality materials like cotton and bamboo, and add peace and tranquility to the table with interesting accessories. Last but not least, make sure the food is delicious.

Erin Emanuel