Healthy Trees, Plus Beautiful Essex Landscape

Essex is adamant about keeping urban London at bay. It has definitely committed to staying green as is evident in its sections that are part of the Metropolitan Green Belt. Moving northward, Essex gives way to rural villages, towns, and hamlets, which are all able to abundantly display the fresh hue in their landscape.

Of course, there’s civilised green and there’s wild green. In parks and residences, nature has to be tamed somewhat, such as with trees. A tree may arguably be lovelier than a poem, but it can also be a thug and wreak havoc on an otherwise immaculate garden. It can also be besieged with problems and fail to contribute to the desired atmosphere.

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Trees need TLC to truly flourish in a contained setup. Tree pruning, for instance, is quite necessary in maintaining the health of a tree, but not just anybody can do it. If you’re not a professional Essex tree surgeon, you may bumble at the task and actually do more harm than good. Not only could you significantly damage the tree, but you could also end up hurting people, yourself included, and property. At the very least, you could end up with an eyesore, messing up the charming Essex landscape and leaving a jarring note in the overall harmony within a park or garden. If you have no business messing around with sharp objects and a tree, do not even hesitate to hire the services of a professional, such as one from Trees Plus, a local company that provides tree work solutions and garden products.

If you’re not convinced yet that you should leave tree surgery of any kind to the experts, the following are just some of the mistakes non-professionals commit in attempting to do the job themselves:

Attacking the task without the correct equipment

If you use dull tools to cut or saw, you might as well have just chewed on the tree with your own teeth. For all your exuberant effort, you’d still end up with a mangled tree.

Unwittingly employing unsafe measures

Would you do the job without wearing goggles, a hard hat, and work gloves? Would you not even think twice about trimming from a ladder? Would you think nothing of climbing a tree with sharp implements on your person? Would you consider working on a tree during rainy or windy days? Would you allow people to watch you from below as you go about cutting branches? These practices are only fine if you have a death wish.

Clueless cutting

Are you aware that there are such things as over-pruning (cutting away more than 25% of the leaf-bearing crown), flush-cutting (cutting right against the trunk, leaving the tree prone to such problems as disease, pests, and fungal growth), and over-lifting (cutting away at all the lower branches, making the tree too top-heavy and prone to branch failure)? These are just some of the blunders you could end up doing.

Part of lavishing TLC on a tree is hiring the right people to help you do it. Not only are you ensuring the health of your tree, you’re also doing a favor to your community by keeping the landscape attractive.

Erin Emanuel