4 Efficient Heating and Storage Systems That Will Save You Money

On average nearly half of every household’s fuel bill goes towards paying for heating and hot water. This can be a large amount in winter months especially, so it’s important to have efficient and cost effective heating and storage systems in place. Sometimes this will involve replacing older systems, which can seem expensive at first, but in the long run it should save you a lot of money and help the environment.


Central Heating

Central heating is the most popular heating method and the best way to ensure yours is as efficient as possible is to install a modern boiler. If you’ve moved into a new place or have never changed the boiler, check when it was put in as older models are far less efficient.


Gas is the cheapest fuel to run your boiler on, though in some places oil, wood or coal can be used. Here it is important to make sure your fuel storage is secure and efficient too.

Chemical Inhibitors

Another way of increasing the efficiency of your central heating system is to use a chemical inhibitor. These work well with newer systems but can have a huge impact for older ones. Corrosion deposits reduce the effectiveness of all types of radiators along with a build-up of scale and sludge, which slowly damages the system. A chemical inhibitor will come with instructions on how to use and can increase boiler efficiency by around 3% and radiator effectiveness by about 15%.

Bunded Heating Oil Tanks

For anyone storing fuel on their domestic property it is most efficient and cost-effective to use bunded storage facilities such as these oil tanks

25px Four plastic-made Heating Oil Tanks

Heating Oil Tanks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

. The bunded model is basically a tank within a tank, adding an extra layer of security. This makes them more fuel efficient and secure than standard tanks and they come in many sizes, from 650 to 10,000 litre capacity.

Renewable Heating Systems

Renewable energy cuts out paying for fuel as it uses natural resources to provide power. Initial costs to install solar panels or wind turbines may seem high compared to sticking with your current heating system, but over time they will pay for themselves and then start saving you significant amounts of money.

Double-glazing and home insulation are vital for further saving on heating bills and there are hundreds of companies willing to inspect your property for suitability. Wherever you live there will be at least one renewable energy option available.

Erin Emanuel