How to Choose Right Professional Cleaning Services?


Keeping the house or office clean can be a challenge to many businesses. In order to provide the employees with an office environment conducive to productivity, the management of a business needs to ensure that the office is cleaned regularly. Earlier, businesses used to employ janitors and other cleaning professionals for keeping the office clean. However, this required them to hire managers who were experienced in dealing with such employees. Also, they would need to spend additional money on buying the equipment and tools needed by the cleaning staff. This is why, it was not a cost-effective decision for businesses to hire cleaning staff.

professional cleaning services

Eventually, businesses found that the best way to deal with office cleaning needs was hiring professional cleaning services. Such services are better equipped to handle cleaning related tasks in all kinds of residential and commercial premises. They usually have access to trained staff, tools and equipment, and anything else needed to complete these tasks. It helps business organizations to save a lot of money when they hire such services for meeting their cleaning needs. They can hire them on long or short term basis, depending on their requirement. Agencies offering professional cleaning services are present in most cities around the globe.


Choosing the right professional cleaning service

Given the fact that there are numerous cleaning services available in most cities around the globe, choosing one of them could be a difficult decision to make. There are quite a few things that should be considered while making the right choice. Here are a few tips that will be helpful in this regard:

1. Experience

The agency should have a fair amount of experience dealing with all kinds of cleaning requirements. Cleaning office spaces and other commercial properties is very different than cleaning houses or other residential compounds. Hence, you should only opt for an agency that has sufficient amount of experience cleaning commercial properties. Only an experienced agency will be able to understand how to clean office premises without causing any damage to the furniture, computers or other valuables. Also, they can offer you with customized services and help you to meet all your cleaning needs.

2. Location

Instead of choosing an agency which is located in a nearby city or town, always opt for those which are located near your business. You will be in a better position to check if the agency is reputed, and understand their availability of necessary equipment etc.Besides, you can also evaluate if they have access to the required manpower for completing their tasks. You may find it difficult to assess these things if you hire an agency situated in a different city. Even though information about the agency, situated in a different city, might be available online you may not be able to determine if the information provided is genuine.

3. Budget

Even though you want your office premises to be cleaned, you would certainly not want to burn a hole in your pocket trying to pay them. Hence, it is important that you only opt for a professional cleaning service which offers affordable rates to its clients. Moreover, if you are going to repeatedly hire their service, make sure that they offer you a discount or the best rate possible. Do not hesitate to bargain if you feel that the rates could be lowered by doing so. You can decide your budget and then search for agencies that can offer you with the given service within that budget.

4. Time

The cleaning service should be able to complete their tasks on time so that the employees in your organization will not have any problem while working. Many a times, it so happens that employees are distracted due to the sound of vacuum cleaners and other cleaning tools. Hence, it is important that the agencies do not take a lot of time in doing their job so that the productivity of the employees is not hampered.

If you want your home or office to be clean, follow these tips and choose the right cleaning service today.

Erin Emanuel


  1. Thank you for the help. We have finally decided that we need to hire a professional cleaning service for our office. I agree that we want a professional, experienced service, as you discussed. How much experience would you look for in a professional cleaning company?

  2. Thanks for the help with choosing the right professional cleaning service. I like what you put about experience. I will be sure to look for a cleaning company with lots of good experience. I also think that the budget is an obviously important part of the hiring process. Thanks for the helpful information! I hope I can find a good cleaning service.

  3. Making sure that a cleaning crew can clean an office at a good time seems important. You’re right about how the sound of vacuum cleaners can be distracting to employees. I remember that one of the offices that I used to work at would have a crew come in to vacuum and clean the bathrooms in the morning. It was really difficult to work hearing the vacuums roaring in the background, and it was inconvenient for the office not being able to use the bathrooms when they were being cleaned. Having a crew come in to clean at the end of the day when everyone is going home seems like the best time for offices.

  4. There is actually an office cleaning service located in the same complex as my business. I like that you said it will be easier to check up on them if they are close. Another reason I like using local cleaning services is because I usually have friends who use them and they can give me their honest recommendations. Thanks for the tips.

  5. Checking a companies experience is a really good idea when hiring someone. I would want to check out their previous work and maybe even check online reviews to see if people are pleased with the jobs they do. I’ll have to ask around and see if any friends have any good word of mouth reviews for cleaning companies in my area. Thanks for the tips!

  6. Thanks for sharing these tips for choosing the right professional cleaning company. I like that you brought up the topic of time and getting things cleaned on time. I worked at a job once where the cleaning crew was always still cleaning when I showed up. I agree that it was distracting to try to work while all the cleaning was being finished up. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I absolutely agree that it is extremely important for a cleaning service to get the job done on time, as the article explains. This is especially true in an environment like an office or other place of business. Plans need to be made to account for the time the office will be cleaned, so it’s important to be able to rely on these plans.

  8. I’ve been trying to come up with a good way to get my home cleaned out. There’s so much junk and stains everywhere. I didn’t know that a professional cleaning service could help so much! Thank you for sharing!

  9. Hello Erin Emanuel,
    Thanks for your great tips for hiring professional cleaners. I am agree with you and i love to share my opinion as well.
    For me, house security is very important while selecting cleaners. i need to check their police record, which material they are using (safety for pet).

    I also check customer satisfaction rate on local community and directory.
    However, budget or deals may not attract me , if their quality is not standard enough.


  10. My wife’s family is coming over for the weekend and our house is a mess and needs to be cleaned. You mentioned that the agency should have a fair amount of experience dealing with all kinds of cleaning requirements. Do any cleaning companies specialize is specific types of cleaning? It seems that it could be beneficial for us to hire a company to come help us out.

  11. I think it would be very beneficial to have a cleaning service to help keep the office clean. I like how you mentioned having a professional cleaning company will save time for the employees. I will definitely talk to my boss about hiring professional cleaners.

  12. I’d like to hire a cleaning service to keep our house clean while we’re on a longer vacation. I like how you suggest that you should choose an agency that has a fair amount of experience cleaning houses or other residential compounds. Some cleaning services probably specialize in commercial cleaning and I should make sure that I choose one that can fit my needs and knows how to clean my house.

  13. Finding the right cleaning professional has become a most challengeable in this massive competition of cleaning companies. But, your 4 points are really impressive and useful for all of us. Being a cleaning agent, I know the importance of cleaning in our cities or country. That’s why, I like your all ideas because your points are so easy to apply and also effective for us.

  14. There are quite a few office buildings near us, and I wanted to know how they choose people to clean them. It’s interesting that you will want to come up with a budget before hiring them. It would be nice to know that you can afford them before hand.

  15. I like your idea on choosing a cleaning service that is located nearby where you are. I would imagine that finding someone who is close by would help you find out more information about them. I’m looking for a housekeeping service so I’ll have to find one that is nearby to work for me.

  16. I really like what you said about taking the experience of a commercial cleaning service into account before you make a decision on a company. I also like what you said about the importance of the location of the offices when you hire a cleaning services. I’ve also heard that you should look into the insurance of a commercial cleaning service before you hire them.

  17. I didn’t know that hiring a professional cleaning service was the best way to deal with office cleaning. It may benefit a company to have a clean office space. If I was running a business then I would want to know that my employees had a clean workspace that is easy to work in.

  18. It makes sense that you would want to choose a service that is going to be located closer to your business. That way, you might be able to visit their facility, and see what it’s like. Plus, it would be nice to ask them if they are helping any other business in the area that you can talk to.

  19. I agree that your budget is important to consider when you are choosing a cleaning service. I would imagine that you would want to set a budget before you start looking and then stick to it. I’m looking for someone to help clean my windows and home so I’ll have to consider my budget first.

  20. I appreciate the information on how to choose the right professional cleaning service. I agree that it is important to find a service that has a lot of experience. Finding a service that is experienced is really beneficial because they will have typically learned the ins and outs of cleaning and what is effective. I would imagine that they can typically get the cleaning done a little faster than someone who isn’t experienced.

  21. It’s been quite some time since my wife and I have had time to deep clean our house, and we thought it might be nice to hire someone to do it for us. I really like that you say to make sure that they company you choose has affordable services. I know that I would want to make a list of different services and compare them to make sure that I am getting the best prices.

  22. This next year, I am hoping to open a dance and yoga studio. To make sure this commercial space is properly cleaned and remains well maintained, I am looking to hire a cleaning service. Like you said, cleaning a commercial space is different from a home, so I will want to make sure I hire a company with sufficient experience in cleaning commercial properties.

  23. I am very strict with cleaning especially if it was the workspace. Recently I suggested that we get a regular cleaning service for our office and my supervisor agreed. Now I’m looking for a reliable professional cleaning service. I like your suggestion of choosing an agency that’s near our office so we can check the equipment promptly and ensure that they will deliver the best service. I like it. Thanks a lot!

  24. Yes I do agree with you. Professional cleaners are always better than individual cleaners because they do all work and they know how cleaning service to be done professionally. So I really loved reading your blog and gathered some major information and tips so thanks for sharing this.

  25. I appreciate how you mentioned that when hiring a professional cleaning service, you should make sure that you find an agency that has experience in the industry, and dealing with all kinds of cleaning requirements. My friend is thinking of starting his own business, but isn’t sure if he would be able to maintain his office space clean as well as motivate his employees and market his products. I’ll have to recommend that if he do start his own company, he find an experienced and qualified office cleaning service that can take care of cleaning responsibility for him.

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  28. There are numerous factors which are important in consideration of cleaning service as you need to hire according to it as experience should be on top priority while choosing Cleaning company in Singapore beside this second factor which is important is their affordability whether they come under your budget or not is important.

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