7 Historic Facts about Low Rent Carpet Cleaners

Most of us take little notice of carpet cleaning in Perth but there is always a satisfaction on brushing a carpet and watching how dirt or other tiny matter are removed when you are doing a thorough sweeping of your rugs and carpets, It is kind of therapeutic in a way when you think about it, how you brush and watch the unidentified matter is removed with a sweep or how you put some natural stain removers and see that the liquid stain ebbs away when inspected closely.


But of course, how carpet cleaning came to be also has its story. It is actually quite interesting to note how carpet cleaning has evolved over the years.

Carpet cleaning, as everyone can describe it, is a method used even in the early days to remove stains, sand, dust, dirt and other matter producing allergens. As of today, it has a method of removing through the use of natural ingredients, traditional methods of cleaning, as well as modern technology.

While everybody has their own carpet cleaning tricks and hacks to keep the dirt and stains away, here are some of the historic facts about carpet cleaning that you may not know about.

  1. Stain removing methods emerged only during the 1830s and one method involved using a loaf of bread as a scrub and some lemon juice as a cleaning agent to remove stains from the carpet, and then rinsed with water and left to dry outside. Eventually many housewives have conducted their own creative stain removing methods.
  1. The vacuum cleaner was based on another cleaning machine – the carpet sweeper. Vacuum cleaner originated from carpet sweepers which were quite popular way before vacuum was invented. Carpet sweepers were technically box-like in figure with revolving brushes and with a long handle attached to it, and it was constructed to be just that, so when pushed along the horizontal flooring, it brushes and sweeps away the dust and dirt. The design of the carpet sweeper was patented by Melville Bissell.
  1. The actual motorized vacuum cleaner was invented in 1901 by Hubert Cecil Booth. The vacuum has the mechanical prowess to suck up all the dirt and dust that have accumulated in the expanse of the room. In Ireland, instead of vacuum cleaner, the mechanical device is called hoover. The hoover were difficult to marker back in the day because some people refused to believe that their carpets have copious amount of dirt in them and found that to be ‘insulting’.
  2. Saw someone spill their drink and rush in to the kitchen and then throw salt on the stain, and you’re confused as to how quickly that happened and what was the salt for anyway? Well, the myth about removing stains from carpet with just salt is quite accurate actually, if you can believe. This trick has become quite handy and has been used a lot of times. When the stain is fresh, immediately put a generous amount of salt onto the stained area. The salt will be absorbing the liquid!
  1. “Sweep under the carpet” idiom came to be in 1963, it means to hide something (a problem or issue) and brushing it off as something to be ignored instead of dealing with the issue. And if you may be familiar with the Latin phrase, Carpe Diem “seize the day”; carpets originated from the Latin word carpere, which mean ‘to pluck’, reason for this term is that carpets were made from plucked fabric.
  1. During the Second World War, carpet cleaning was ignored due to the events of the war. The industry of vacuum cleaners has stopped then and inventors focused more unto chemicals. The business was bad during the war and when the great depression came, it only gotten worse.
  1. By the end of the Second World War, cleaning services boomed and eventually gained popularity considering that everyone was looking for jobs post war. There was an increase of janitorial services during the late 1940’s and early 50’s­. Ex-soldiers were good in inspecting as well as implementing cleanliness which was a good factor for them to easily manage and supervise on the work and services related to cleaning and management.


Much can be said on how the carpet cleaning industry grew over the years, but one thing was constant in the facts – innovation. The carpet cleaning industry has proven over the years of its effective system and efficient process of cleaning. We all but have various cleaning agents and stain removers, and aside from that we also have our own creative diys of cleaning solution shared across the online world. It is safe to say that cleaning solution will get even more better and creative over time and it’s all thanks to our capacity to think ahead of new way to be more resourceful and our inability to stay stagnant.

Even with the current trends, you can be assured that with time, our own cleaning methods will only improve in view of technology taking part in our everyday lives. Who knows, those futuristic cleaning machines may be upon us sooner than we think. We might have our own wall-e then, or something related of the sort.

Other than carpet cleaning, we will eventually develop more techniques and make use of our current resources to make new ones and that is one thing that we all can agree on.

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  1. I didn’t know putting salt on stains helps! That would have been good to know when little nieces and nephews started coming over to my house. I can imagine that the carpet cleaning industry took a dive over the period of the World Wars. I think a lot of industries that didn’t have some kind of contribution to aiding the wars had a really hard time.

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