Top Ideas for Home Conservatory Designs

Back around the turn of the millennium, conservatories were seen as a luxury purchase that would only be seen in the very best homes. Since that time, the market has seen prices drop dramatically, meaning that a home conservatory is attainable by more people than they previously would have been. Today, a conservatory is a common thing to see attached to a house, not the novelty it once was. However, having a conservatory isn’t as simple as merely telling yourself you want one and then proceeding to get in touch with a company who will come and build it for you.

Image Credit: Andrew Hayward

Image Credit: Andrew Hayward

Here are some things to consider about your new conservatory, and some design ideas that you might decide to use.

Why You Want One

It might sound boring, but this is the first thing you need to consider. Are you planning to build a conservatory merely because you want to make your house bigger for the sake of it, or do you have a purpose for it?

You might wish to have a conservatory as a day room, or even as an office area. Other alternatives for a conservatory might be to have it as a dining room or a playroom for the children. The space you have with which to build a conservatory is likely to influence you here. Remember, too, to consider the impact a conservatory could potentially have on your garden space.

Now, what about those design ideas?

Country Dining Room

If you’re tired of eating in the kitchen, in front of the television, or don’t have another room that you can use or convert into a dining room, then it is a great design idea for a conservatory. Go for a rustic look, with large wooden beams that still allow plenty of light. A tiled floor and high tables and chairs will finish this room to perfection. If you want to save space in the kitchen, you could even decide to introduce a rustic cupboard to your new conservatory and keep utensils and dining accessories out there.

Outdoor Conservatory

If you plan on installing a patio or decking in your garden at the same time as you build your conservatory, this could be a great idea. Obviously, you aren’t going to have a conservatory that is fully exposed to the elements, but if you install French doors or folding doors you can make it a brilliant ‘halfway house’ between your home and the garden. This is a great addition to your home, particularly if you’re planning to host regular barbecues or garden parties, for example.

Second Living Room

Whether you have a partner who loves watching sports on television or you want a room where you can send the children to do their own thing without disturbing you, turning your conservatory into a second living room is a great way to keep everyone in your household happy and give you all the space you need.

The options at your disposal for conservatory design are huge; ensure you’re clear on your reason for building a conservatory, and you’ll ensure you get everything you want out of your new home extension.

Author Bio: Damon loves his home and has recently decided that he is going to build a conservatory onto the back of his house. He has also recently invested in Superglide sliding wardrobe doors for his bedroom, and sliding doors in his kitchen to create a hidden appliance effect.

Erin Emanuel