Simple door mat ideas to decorate your home at Christmas

Christmas is a favorite annual celebration that involves bringing families together, lots of decorating, and non-stop food eating. Decorating a home for Christmas can be a challenging endeavor; apart from the Christmas tree, you must decorate the living room, hallway, kitchen, and ultimately, the porch. You want guests to feel welcomed, especially carolers. How do you adorn the outside area of your house without investing a fortune? It’s actually pretty simple – invest in a doormat. Here are some guidelines and ingenious ideas you should consider.

home decor doormats


Indoor-outdoor doormats

Before purchasing a doormat, find a place to put it. If you’re placing it outside, at the door, then you’d better invest in mats made of weather-resistant materials (coir, teak, and rubber are excellent ideas). If you’re placing it indoors, then you may consider doormats made of cloth, too. High-traffic areas should have doormats with textured or abrasive surfaces in order to whisk away grime and dirt. It’s best to stay away from mats that are made entirely of rubber; even though they’re cheaper and durable, they can’t efficiently remove snow and filth from your shoes.

Matching doormats with outside Christmas decorations

Placing doormats outside your home and matching their design and color with your Christmas decorations is an excellent way of getting into the holiday spirit. Dominant colors are red and green, but you can choose others, too. As for exact designs and patterns, choose mats with meaningful messages and holiday-inspired pictures – Santa Claus, reindeers, snowflakes, etc.

Doormats that absorb moisture

While it’s nice to have an interestingly-looking doormat at the entrance, it’s still important to think of the practical purpose of your investment, too. Purchase mats that can efficiently absorb moisture. Some indoor mats are very similar to carpets and rugs, and as long as the fibers can soak up debris and dirt, they’re an excellent option. For a dual-purpose, check the market for hybrid doormats that have scraping functions and are also great absorbers.

doormat that absorbs water

Interesting patterns

Are you trying to impress someone this Christmas – a relative, friend, mother-in-law? Well then you’d better start searching for mats with cool patterns. Let’s not forget that coir doormats are the most long-lasting; they’re durable and weather-proof, which means you, can place them outside and inside of your home. Now if you want to match your décor with the doormat, first take a good look at the color palette. Take a photo and let the shopping madness begin.

Because its winter, snowflake patterns, gift patterns, and Christmas globe patterns are the most common for doormats. These are all great ideas, although when it’s time to pick the color, you might want to think twice before making a choice. You don’t want to make your home overly-colorful; there has to be balance. For example, if your hallway is painted in sheer white and the decorations are nude as well, it’s ok to play with as much color as you’d like. However, if there’s enough red, orange and green in the hallway, your doormat should feature a different shade – how about light pink or baby blue? They’re unusual colors, but they work perfectly in modern homes.

outside door mats

Outside doormats – selecting the fines models

Let’s move on to the outside area of your home – the entryway and the veranda. Many people like to adorn their home’s exterior area and make it Christmas-friendly. Apart from traditional holiday decorations and funny snowmen, you should also invest in a cool doormat. Heavy traffic, dirt and grime destroy most welcome mats in a matter of weeks. That’s mostly because homeowners don’t know that the best materials for winter are coir, bamboo, rubber, and jute. These are weather-proof and can scrape off grime and dirt really fast.

Let the Christmas holiday begin! Some people cannot wait for the winter holidays to come in order to start decorating their homes. The famous tree, the traditional decorations, and the lights are just some of the most important elements homes need to look Christmassy. Some value the outside area of their houses just as much as the inside. That being said, purchasing the right doormats to welcome guests and carolers is also fundamental. Select the model that best fits your style, but don’t forget to invest in quality, as well.

Erin Emanuel